How to get a Nepalese e-Passport in Australia?

The process to get Passport is not as simple as used to be, these days process to obtain Nepalese e-Passport in Australia is quite different. You need to know before you initiate.

Handwritten passports are being replaced with machine-readable passports due to security concerns. More than 120 nations have now granted e-passports. Let’s examine the process for obtaining e-passports for Nepalese who reside in Australia.

What is an e-passport?

An E-passport is an international travel document with identity details that also have a chip to store a person’s biometric information. E-passport in Nepal, according to Passport Department, is the third generation of passport.

When would Nepalese in Australia need to apply for an e-passport?

Australia is one of the major educational destinations for Nepali students. The Australian Nepali population is growing in Australia. Not just for studies but for employment opportunities too, Australia is the most-preferred destination. But due to various circumstances, Nepalese living in Australia may have to renew their passport and coming back to Nepal and getting passport things done is a cumbersome and wallet-burning act. But Thanks to the Nepal government for launching E-passports, now Nepalese in Australia can get a passport from an online portal. This has eased both governments as well as the Nepalese in Australia. 

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How to get a Nepalese e-Passport in Australia - NepaliPage
The process to apply for Nepali e-Passport is streamlined but long time to wait and it’s a stressful. Image: Nepal Embassy Canberra

What things do you need to consider?

  • The Purpose

The sole purpose is to get the “Passport” but what issue got you to apply for it. You can apply for the e-passport for First Issuance( for newborns or renewal of a handwritten passport, Renewal(renewing the passport), Replacement (Lost/Stolen), or Replacement (Damaged).

  • The sites

It indicates where should you look for guidelines. Basically,  or are the sites that can help you out.

  • The documents
  • jpeg/png in a given format, and the size should not exceed 400kb
  • original citizenship certificate or its copy (preferably a colour copy) 
  • A signed authorization letter addressed to the Embassy
  • A copy of the applicant’s passport/birth registration certificate 
  • A copy of the authorized person’s ID
  • The previous passport 
  • Money Order or Bank Check made in the name of ‘Embassy of Nepal, Canberra’
  • Processing time

It can take approximately 2 months for application processing.

  • Date of Appointment
  • Visit the Embassy on your scheduled date and time. If you miss the date for any reason, you must reschedule a new appointment.
  • Never date of appointment falls on a Weekend/Public holiday.
  • For the appointment, visit the Embassy in person on the allocated date and time for live enrollment.
  • Postal and address

You can send your required documents to the Embassy of Nepal, P O Box -1070, and Mawson, ACT 2607.

Steps to apply for an e-passport for adults


1) Go to the link

2) Click on apply for passport option.

3) Select the type of application: First Issuance, Renewal, Replacement (Lost/Stolen), or Replacement (Damaged).

4) Select Ordinary 34 Pages and click on Proceed.

5) Click on I Agree.

6) Select Other for Appointment Country.

7) Select NE, Canberra, for the Appointment Location.

8) Select the suitable Date and time of the Appointment, then click on Next.

9) Provide accurate details on Demographic Information, Citizenship Information, Applicant’s Contact Details and Contact Details in Case of Emergency.

10) Click on Next and upload the required documents in a given format. 

11) Click on Next/

12) Double-check all the details in the Application Summary and edit if necessary.

13) Click on Save.

14) Note your Request Number and click on Finish.

15) Click on Download PDF.

16) Print the downloaded form and bring it to the Embassy with you on the day of the appointment.


Here, the applicant has to go to the Embassy in Canberra and document their Finger Print, Photograph, and Signature.

How to get a Nepali e-passport for baby in Australia - NepaliPage


If you are applying for Nepalese Passport from Australia, Nepalese Embassy of Canberra will not update processing status. Nepal Embassy Australia says “we are not able to provide any updates” but, you can check your passport progress using ‘Nepal e-passport’ App. Generally your Nepali passport application takes 2 months to process.  


You can check the status via Embassy’s website. If your name is on the website or you receive an SMS on your Nepali mobile number, then you can collect your passport personally or via your designated person. You can track your passport status using ‘Nepal ePassport’ app while your status shows “Your passport  has been issued” you will get emails from Nepal Embassy Canberra as well as Department of Passport, Nepal then you can contact embassy or follow the process to collect your Nepalese passport. You can send someone to collect your passport too.  


Nepal Embassy Canberra is offering couple of ways to collect your passport once ready to collect. Not necessarily you have to travel to Canberra to get your passport from other Australian states such as Tasmania and Queensland. You can collect your new passport from Nepal Embassy Canberra in following ways:  

1) By visiting the Nepal Embassy, Canberra yourself with your original old passport. If you applying for your kid, take your baby’s birth certificate. 
2) You can authorise someone to collect your Nepalese Passport from Nepal Embassy Canberra, for this you need to send an email to Embassy at to inform embassy about it. And, you need to send your old passport or birth certificate of your kid with him/her.  
3) You can receive your new Nepali passport through Australian postal system if you can not collect your passport through above mentioned ways. For this you need to send your original old passport (copy of birth certificate if you are applying Nepali passport for your baby) along with a self-addressed return mail envelope. When you send one trackable return envelope with your full address on receiver side, embassy will send your passport to using that envelope.  

You need to keep both tracking number with you, one you sending old passport to embassy as well as pre-paid return envelope in which embassy will send you passport. Keep in mind, if you are renewing your lost passport you need to send copy of old passport and receipt.

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