An ultimate guide: how to renew a Nepali passport in Australia?

Your passport must be renewed for you to travel to any place in the globe. Nepalese living in Australia may have to renew their passports due to the proximity of Expiry dates. So let’s look into how you can renew a Nepali passport in Australia.

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How to get a Nepalese e-Passport in Australia?

Renewal of a Nepali Passport in Australia: The Process

Renewal of a passport varies in terms of the age group of the applicant. The applicants can be an adult, children, and newborns. Here, we will cover on renewal of adult applicants.

First, you must apply for a pre-enrollment form. You can do these step-by-step activities.

1) Go to the link

2) Click on apply for passport option.

3) Select Renewal on the type of application.

5) Click on I Agree.

6) Select Other for Appointment Country.

7) Select NE, Canberra, for the Appointment Location.

8) Select the suitable Date and time of Appointment, then click on Next

9) Provide accurate details on Demographic Information, Citizenship Information, Applicant’s Contact Details and Contact Details in Case of Emergency.

10) Click on Next and upload the required documents in a given format. 

11) Click on Next.

12) Double-check all the details in the Application Summary and edit if necessary.

13) Click on Save.

14) Note your Request Number and click on Finish.

15) Click on Download PDF.

16) Print the downloaded form and bring it to the Embassy with you on the day of the appointment.


**Please note that you have to wait for 30 to 45 days for the passport process in Nepal. You may find out the status of the passport through the Embassy’s website. Additionally, you can receive an SMS on a Nepali mobile number.


Documents Required For Renewal of Adults’ Passport

  1. i) Nepali Citizenship Certificate (Front Page and Back Page)
  2. ii) Front page (photo page and page 3) and back page (page 31) of the current passport

iii) A Valid Visa

What about the fees?

For passport renewal for adults, you have to pay 230.00 Australian Dollars.

All in all, do not go for last-hour renewal, as it can cause you issues legally. Let’s get smart and have your passport renewed 2 months before your passport expiry.

To know more and initiate the process to renew a Nepali passport in Australia, you can visit

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