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Nepalese in Australia : Education, Work and Income  

Nepalese in Australia: Education, Work and Income - NepaliPage

Many people in Nepal have huge interest in the job, income, and lifestyle of Nepalese in Australia.  Now, for Nepalese, Australia is the eighth state, Nepalese are in majority in a handful Australian suburbs. Even interestingly, in many Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide VET colleges Nepalese are almost 100% of total students …

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Three Nepalese lost life in Australia within a week

Three Nepalese lost life in Australia within a week - NepaliPage

NRNA Australia president Nanda Gurung urged family and friends of the deceased to reach NRNA if they need any assistance. Three Nepalese youths lost their lives in Australia last week. Rasmi Lekhak, Samrat Tamang, and another lady lost life in a week in different parts of Australia. Australian Nepalese community …

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Nepalese Boy seriously injured in a boozy Brawl

Nepalese Boy seriously injured in a boozy Brawl - NepaliPage

One Nepalese boy has seriously injured in a boozy brawl unfolded about 12.30am Monday 1 April 2019 at George Street, near Park Street, Sydney, Australia. Anish Shahi aged 22 involved in the violent brawl is being treated for fractured skull and bleeding on the brain. And another his friend Marak …

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Precautions to remain safe in Australia

Many Nepalese come to Australia for their higher study as well as living in Australia. A majority among them comes with an inadequate idea about Australian life, work, and balance between study and earnings, which are essential to remain safe in Australia. There are a couple of things Nepalese students …

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60 websites to find a job in Australia for you

Cheaper courses won't help graduates get jobs – they need good careers advice and links with employers - NepaliPage

Nepalese Students might feel quite different and difficult in early days while they approach for a job in Australia. For some it could be frustrating, they might be stuck and question others actually ‘how to find jobs in Australia?’ and it could be frustrating to some. Because, you might not …

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Nepali- The Second Most Spoken Language in Tasmania

In the latest census of 2016, it has been seen that Nepali is the second most spoken language in Tasmania other than English. In foreign languages, it only comes at the second position with first being dominated by the Chinese population residing in Australia. As per the report by Australian …

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Nepal-born Aussies increasing at the highest rate

Census 2016: Nepal Emerges As The Most Common Country Of Birth - NepaliPage

The rate of increase in the number of Nepal-borns that call Australia home continues to dominate figures representing top 50 source countries. According to statistics available with the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), immigrants from the mountain nation “had the highest rate of increase between 2006 and 2016 with an average annual …

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Get registered for casual and part-time job

Life is not easy in Australia as seen from Nepal. Most of the Nepalese migrants and international students at the very first stuck with accommodation and employment issues. As a newcomer getting a job and home is not an easy task here, for that one needs good networking and numbers …

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