Reasons Nepalese Students in Australia experience difficulty for a job

You may see life of Nepalese students in Australia dazzling with beaches, pubs, and parties. But that’s not a complete picture of Student life in Australia. Behind Facebook and other socials, especially TikTok videos there is a frustrating story of hard work and sufferings, people in Nepal even cannot imagine. Working 8 to 10 hours shift mostly in blue color jobs, attend classes and write assignments obtusely it’s a big struggle to establish in Australia. 

First accommodation and second a job, are the stuff hardest for Nepalese students in Australia to settle with. Though there are various means to find and get settled with these things it’s not that straight forward. Though the Australian job market offers wide career opportunities for students with working limitations, it works but pretty not easily. There are various posts and messages shared over Facebook stating ‘its been three months being here, didn’t find job and pocket almost empty to pay rent, please someone help me find a job.’ This show how hard times Nepalese students in Australia experiencing in their initial days.
Many of Nepalese students in Australia, despite their qualifications and expertise in the field, don’t get a job they willing to join. There are various reasons behind this but the one that has an immense impact is the approach. Your job suitability depends on how you approach, your personality, work ethic, and many other things.

1. Looking for Cash in Hand

The first idea Nepalese students in Australia get is to work cash in hand so they can hide from immigration scanner. With this, they get succeed to work more than 20 hours a week but fall under the exploitation from the employer, hard job lower pay. It’s better to work on tax in which one can get above 25 dollars as a casual employee.

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2. To much focus on Facebook Advertisements

For many Nepalese students in Australia, Facebook groups are the major source for jobs and education migration related information. Majority of advertisements comes from Nepalese subcontractors and pay 15-18 dollars cash in hand. Quite frequently students complain about non-payment after weeks of works and they can complain nowhere of such occurrence. Still, many do not bother themselves reading job-related blogs and change their tactic.

3. Not following mainstream job boards

As mentioned before, many do not approach industry job boards and recruitment websites. There are various industry recruitment agencies they hire people for companies or offices. Only trying through Facebook posts and Gumtree may not work.

4. Languages and Expressiveness

Yep, language is mean to be employed in Australia. For international students in Australia, it’s a bit hard to get Aussie accent at first but practice helps to overcome soon. Especially need to develop the guts to become a conversation starter.

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5. Not focused on skill development

Many do not bother to get training or certified before joining employment. Generally, they adopt housekeeping, kitchen hand, cleaning, and similar tasks to make an income first but go for a loner. Getting trained for or certified for something such as construction or barista is widening the job prospect and increasing the possibility.

6. Different Work Culture

Work culture and running fast pace might be one reason to be rejected after a trail. Working pace and team spirit are different things we Nepalese sometime cannot keep up. Improving industry knowledge and get familiar with Australian workplace culture would be helpful for another attempt.

7. Inherit Discrimination

Discrimination is SANATANA, people experience everywhere but the degree may be different. It might not only base on race, color or accent but with the skills and other appearance things too. So things should keep in mind and present yourself following the organization culture. God knows there may be some discrimination happen.

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