Beach safety workshop for Nepalese living in Adelaide

Do not go with numbers; many Nepalese international students lost their lives in Australia just for being ignorant, yes, being ignorant about water and beach safety. As seas surround Australia, being a skilled swimmer and understanding of water safety is a must. The majority of Nepalese do not have knowledge and experience of swimming, surfing, beach, and other seawater activities as we are a landlocked country. So, during hot summer days, going to the beach without proper understanding and safety precaution would be life-threatening.

Beaches are the most enjoyable and essential Australian features to enjoy while living here; it’s a part of Aussie life. But, first and foremost thing before planing to enjoy Australian beach life understands the ocean, the waves, wind, and tides. If you are planning to go for the beach during these hot summer days, first understand the oceanic water, the risk, and life-saving. 

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Beach safety workshop for Nepalese living in Adelaide - NepaliPage

Help you to understand beach safety and essential beach traits Nepalese in Adelaide, community organization planning to conduct a workshop for Nepalese living in Adelaide. ‘We are organizing this program to make aware our community people about beach safety rules, educate them about oceanic water to make them aware of risk inherited with beach activities,’ Prakash Gaire, President of Nepalese in Adelaide said. The program also includes a session of swimming class.

Last year, three Nepalese lost their lives within a month’s duration, drowning in the sea. And, the new Diploma of Nursing graduated Nepalese student Nischal Ghimire lost his life in the same Glenelg beach where the community is going to organize beach safety awareness.

Program Detail:

Date: 8 January 2020
Time: 3.30 onwards
Place: Glenelg beach

If you are planning for beach and foreshores this summer, read this beach safety fact sheet from Royal Life Saving.

Beach safety workshop for Nepalese living in Adelaide - NepaliPage

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