Staying Safe at Beaches in Australia

Australia offers a lot of tourist attractions among which one is its beautiful beaches. There are more than 10,000 beaches in Australia and many tourists, international students drive to the iconic beaches on weekends to have some nice time. Sydney’s sparkling beach and the cliff-hugging Bondi to Bronte coastal walk are some of the main attractions. You can swim, kayak, surf here or just enjoy the feel of sand on your feet. But amongst all this, there are a few things that must be taken care of. Ensure that your beach fun is not spoiled by anything.Staying Safe at Beaches in Australia - NepaliPage

Do some beach preparation. Save yourself from the harmful rays of the sun and put on some sunblock lotion. Since you are going to the beach, make sure it is waterproof and the SPF is what is required as per the climate. SLIP on a T-Shirt, SLOP on some sunscreen and SLAP on a hat is a famous advice given by the Australian Cancer Council always. Pack some lunch and water with you. You need to keep yourself hydrated as well. Maintain decorum and do not litter the beach. Throw anything that you need to in the trash bin only.

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First of all, be aware of all the rules at the beach you are going and about the nearby area as well. Make sure to read safety signs and understand what they mean. There are various pocket size manuals available for this purpose that you can buy and take a look at.

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A day at the beach is incomplete without a fun dip in the ocean. But you must always remember to swim between the red and yellow flag. This is indicative of a lifesaving service being present on the beach at that time. So for your own safety always swim in this area. On spotting a lifeguard make sure to ask them about safety conditions at the beach. They are trained in this field and hence educates the best regarding this. Also, make sure you don’t go to the beach alone. As a new person anywhere, it is good to have a company. Especially while swimming, if you have someone along with you, you can look out for each other. In case of an emergency, stay calm and try to attract attention. A way to do it is to focus on lifeguard and raise your arms in the air waving it from side to side. Always make sure someone knows where you are going. Staying safe will only increase the fun anywhere.

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