Northern Territory: permanent residency with relaxed English

Besides long waiting for invitations and cutthroat point competition on SkillSelect, there is another option opened for Australian Permanent Residency. Now, Northern Territory with a new bilateral migration agreement has opened permanent residency pathway for low skilled workers with relaxed English skill.
With the second Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) the Northern Territory opened 117 occupants a pathway to remain in Australia forever. The occupation list includes Aged or Disabled Carer to Barista and Baker.

Migrants who move into NT and work there under the DAMA II Agreement would able to apply for permanent residency. They would be eligible for that after working for three years in the territory. Northern Territory is experiencing huge labor shortage as well as need increase in population to keep economic activities on a right track. To cope with the situation the state government has already announced incentives to those who want to move into the Territory.

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NT Chief Minister Michael Gunner in a statement said, access to skilled workers and retention of, a suitably skilled workforce is a key issue for many employers and there is a need for additional workers. According to the Agreement, employers can recruit skilled migrants if they unable to find locally. That opens door to those international students and workers looking for a pathway for permanent residency. With the inclusion of the pathway to permanent residency, the state government has expected a significant increase in the number of skilled migrants moving into the Northern Territory.

Northern Territory has released new occupation list under the new DAMA II agreement that also offers concession on English and Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT).

Here is DAMA II Occupation List 

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