Northern Territory: DAMA II Occupation List

Northern Territory has signed a DAMA II agreement with the Federal Government to boost migration in the territory. As per the new DAMA Agreement workers can apply for Australian permanent residency. The second Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) agreement opened 117 occupations as eligible to work in the NT. Northern Territory government has given concession on English and Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold for many occupations listed on the DAMA II Occupation List.

The DAMA list includes many low skill occupations such as Aged or Disabled Carer to Barista and Baker. It clearly shows Northern Territory needs people who can boost the state’s economy and support state growth. The DAMA II Occupation List indicates a good opportunity for those international students working in Sydney, Melbourne, and other major Australian cities and struggling to score 8 each band in PTE to get an invitation to apply for Australian permanent residency. With relaxed English score requirement, students working interstate may be eligible to get work and permanent residency pathway under this DAMA II Agreement.

The DAMA II Occupation List

Northern Territory : DAMA II Occupation List - NepaliPage

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  1. Rabina G Rasaily

    what’s the meaning of English Concessions & TSMIT Concessions? Is it that no English test required or ????

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