An ultimate guide to check EDV result, check your DV lottery result today

For some EDV result could be life changing, as they might get opportunity to migrate into America, the United States. For long time USA is one of the most appealing countries to live and migrate. Though many scare with news and updates about US specially regarding US gun law and mass shooting even by school kids. But, another side of the story is very heartwarming, many migrants have successfully built their life, career, and business in the US in short span of time.

There are many visas to enter the USA and settle there permanently. One of the most popular and easy way to enter America and live an American Dream is EDV lottery program, which offers easy pathway to get American Green Card and ultimately become an US Citizen. Millions of people around the world submit their EDV entry form every year and try their luck to come back as EDV success result.

Every year, US Department of State releases the American diversity visa lottery result from first week of May, for those who applied for Electronic Diversity Visa Program previous year. Each year the US Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs opens entry for Electronic Diversity Visa Program between October and November and starts publishing results from May.

From the first week of May, DV Lottery Result can be checked online by filling details such as confirmation number, name, and date of birth on

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An ultimate guide to check EDV result, check your DV lottery result today - NepaliPage

Settling in America is Nepalese dream

America is dreamland for many Nepalese, as Nepal has very few opportunities to offer its citizens. Almost all graduates and school leaver dream about America and tried to find way to enter America. Some end up with very sad happening.

Electronic Diversity Visa Program is one of the easy and straightforward way to get into the US. Many Nepalese elite classes, family members of political leaders, bureaucrats, army, and police have settled in the USA, and heavily criticised for enjoying life in America using money their parents making in Nepal by corruption. Even, celebrities, sports persons, and journalists moving into America for comfortable life though majority engaged with low skill jobs. Most of them claim asylum.

Thousands of Nepali got American Dream true through EDV Lottery Program

Thousands of Nepalese in the USA migrated through the Electronic Diversity Visa Program. The program easy as this is lottery based and has very low threshold so unskilled and people with low academic background could get positive DV lottery result. More than 200,000 Nepalese calls the United States home now. The portion of Nepali in US who settled in the country through the Diversity Visa lottery program is greater than to those who immigrated through skilled and business visas. Majority of the Nepali population in the USA lives in Texas. Nepalese organisation estimation and US census shows another major Nepalese population in America living two major cities New York and California.

Why Electronic Diversity Visa Program is so popular among Nepalese?

Generally speaking, a majority of Nepalese who want to progress in life and have that capacity to settle in another country wants to move out from the country. As, Nepal has poorly designed and heavily corrupted political system. Many Nepalese believe the so-called democracy in Nepal is designed and imposed by foreign superpowers. People relate this to many incidents and political happenings where Nepalese state and politicians serving foreign interests rather than national and public interest. That is the reason major graduate population moving out form the country.

To participate in the American Electronic Diversity Visa Program costs nothing. This is free entry program; people can fill and submit their entry for DV Lottery between October to November each year. And EDV result starts to release from May each year. The US department has simplified the EDV lottery process. It is easy to check whether you are qualified and invited for another stage or not through the state website. The American Green Card lets work and live in the USA indefinitely and gives pathway to be American citizen and hold prestigious US passport.

How many people get DV lottery each year?

DV lottery is very popular among developing and least developed countries around the world. For many this is the only way to get into America, which would change their entire life dramatically. But the reason behind this DV lottery is promote diversity in the US, so US Department of State selects 50,000 candidates over the year to best serve its interest to promote diversity in the US.

May round of EDV result is the first round of DV lottery result. You still have chance to be selected in other rounds in future.

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Genuine Documents are important to get Diversity Visa from Nepal  

There is a myth, if you selected in the first round of EDV result, you surely get chance to go to the USA from Nepal. This never happens. Being selected on EDV result is first step, you need to pass through couple of steps to get US visa grant in Nepal. To be selected on EDV program and get DV visa to go to America you must have a Nepalese passport (passport number, country of issuance, and passport expiration date details already filled while submitting the Diversity Visa lottery) and must have passed plus two (+2) which is called year 12 schooling. If you are married at the time of the lottery form submitted, you must have the relationship certificate (Bihe Darta) on the date you submitted the entry for the Diversity Visa lottery.

DV entry confirmation number is key to check your EDV Result

While submitting the EDV form, you get confirmation of submission with unique number. Remember once you successfully submitted EDV form the website returns some unique identifier number to you that number verifies your EDV result. This is the only means to check whether you got selected for EDV or not.

Only you know your EDV result

To know whether you selected for EDV lottery to get opportunity to go to America and settle there you need to check on the DV Program website using your submission confirmation number.  This is the only way to find whether your luck worked for American green card lottery or not. No other knows your status and can help you to get it.

How to check your DV Lottery Result?

Only way to check DV lottery result is through US department of state website. When the department starts releasing lottery result you can check your status by visiting The US Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs website. There are 3 steps where you need to provide your personal information so the system can verify whether won the chance to go to US or not. Click here to check your DV Result.

How to Check DV Result, step by step guide

At the very first go your internet browser and typle and hit enter.

You will see same page on the screen same as below. Go to check status and click on that

An ultimate guide to check EDV result, check your DV lottery result today - NepaliPage

Once the page starts loading you will see another page like the below image. It describes how you can check your status and what sorts of information you need to submit, such as confirmation number, name, surname, and date of birth. To proceed click on continue.An ultimate guide to check EDV result, check your DV lottery result today - NepaliPage

Now the page loading is the page that shows your entrant status.

An ultimate guide to check EDV result, check your DV lottery result today - NepaliPage

This page asks you fill your confirmation number, your family name, birth year and for authentication purposes a captcha character set. Once you fill in your details and click on submit you can see your result.   

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