Census 2016: Nepal Emerges As The Most Common Country Of Birth

In the southern Sydney suburb, Nepal has emerged as the most common country of Birth as per the Census 2016. In the census it came out that about 1985 residents were born in the South Asian country,1503 residents were born in China and 774 in Bangladesh.

In the year 2011, about 7.6 per cent residents of the area were born in Nepal but this number has increased to 12.8 in the latest census.

Census 2016: Nepal Emerges As The Most Common Country Of Birth - NepaliPage

The Nepali community here is excelling in many businesses as well and thus is making their presence felt just the right way. The current data by ABS is sufficient to prove this. In fact, not only this but the Nepali community in the Rockdale area has taken over quiet a good number of businesses and is excelling in all. There are many hair and beauty services provider like Kuncha’s Hair and Beauty Art, HeSheLa Hair Salon, Desi Hair and Colour Hair in the Rockdale area who are not only popular in the community but outside as well and appealing to the general public.

Other businesses include:

Restaurants like Last Bus To Kathmandu, Momo House, Subhakamana Restaurant, Sajha Chautari, Ama Restaurant, Coffee Drop, Bar Fresko, Chicken Plus, Red Capsicum Restaurant, Subway Restaurant, Nothing More Ten Dollars.

Electronics Products and Services

Everest Communication

Remittance Services

Everest Global Exchange

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Census 2016: Nepal Emerges As The Most Common Country Of Birth - NepaliPage

Function Centres

Everest Tandoori Function Centre Rockdale, Red Capsicum Function Centre, Indreni Function Centre, Third Eye Bar Bistro & Function Centre

Groceries and Daily utilities

Daiko Pasal, Rockdale Groceries, Asan Bazaar, Nepal HouseJewelers

Pokhara Jewellry, Buddha Jewellers, Milan Jewellers, Nepal Jewelleries Sydney


Everest Butchery, DY Butchery

Travel Services and Bookings

Budha Tavels and Tours, Everest View Travel and Tours Sydney

Education and Training Services

Bright & Right Associates (to be launched soon), Global College, KB Global, Smart Rhino, Brainy B,

Clothing and Styling

Jay Ho Instyle, Nepmartv

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