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Life is not easy in Australia as seen from Nepal. Most of the Nepalese migrants and international students at the very first stuck with accommodation and employment issues. As a newcomer getting a job and home is not an easy task here, for that one needs good networking and numbers of well-wishers for help to get it done. From the first day in Australia, most of the newcomers either on permanent residency or student visa understand it’s totally different than what they thought in Nepal.

‘आको दुई महिना भयो कामै पाईराछैन’, one of the common statement here though at the same time friends and family back in Nepal think ‘अष्ट्रेलियामा मोज गरिराछ’ it’s the reality in Australia. There are hundreds of groups and accounts claiming themselves serving Nepalese international students and newcomers in Australia to find job and accommodation. These are the contradictory reality of for Nepalese in Australia.

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Get registered for casual and part-time job - NepaliPage
There are couples of reasons that makes Nepalese fail in relation to getting hired in Australia in their early struggle period. One of them is poor resume and application process. Many newcomers get distracted by Facebook posts and do not concentrate on online job searches such as agencies, event organisers and classifieds. For a job in Australia, one should have try websites and the job classifieds to match their skills with employment market. There are hundreds of agencies hire thousands of workforce daily if one ignores them, finds hard to get a job and good pay for it.

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Get registered with recruit agencies

One of the best ideas for newcomers and international students to get a job in Australia in early days is get registered with recruit agencies for casual and part-time opportunities. Many agencies hire and train people who don’t have previous work experience too. If you get registered with such agencies they match your skills and availability with the requirements of the employers.

Here are some hire agencies where you can register in person or via a website for job opportunities:


Writer : Madan Mani

Madan Mani holds Master’s Degree in Software Engineering from Federation University, Australia. Before landing Sydney, he was involved in Teaching and Journalism in Nepal also holds Master’s Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from Tribhuvan University, Nepal.

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