Valuable Alternatives to University Education

It is that time of the year where all students are burning the midnight oil trying to get into the best university. But for all those who just missed the mark, it is not as bad as you are perceiving it to be. There are still many options that are available to you that are as valuable as a decent university education and even some are good enough to be chosen over a university because of the many benefits they provide.

If we talk about a good job then a vocational course is what comes into the mind first. These are short term courses that prepare you exactly for the type of job you want. Unlike university education where you are burdened with lots of theory, these aim to provide more practical knowledge about the job and thus you face the demo of actual life job challenges. Thus these are often chosen by students even after university so as to open their minds to thinking in real life scenarios.

Internships and apprenticeship are also some good options. Companies are trying to cut down their recruitment costs and are thus preferring to hire candidates from apprenticeship itself. So if you do well at apprenticeship and show case your talents and willingness to learn then you are sure to get a good job. Then after this you may choose to do some short course as per your job requirement. This way is actually quiet cheaper than a university education and this option too is taken by many. The main advantage with the short courses is that they are easy to do as the time period is less, they are cheaper and the best part is they prepare you exactly what your industry wants and thus proves ver useful.

There is also re-appraisal of your scores done by many institutes. You need to apply for this but you must remember the re-appraisal will be done on the basis of your past records, education backgrounds and similar things. Hence before applying for the same take a look at all these yourself and find out if there is hope for something good.

A very good option is to go for TAFE Courses. These courses have advantages like hands on experience regarding industry requirements, smaller class strength so that you can learn more effectively and many others as well. These are specially designed by keeping the needs of the industry in mind. You can go for courses at certificate IV, diploma or advanced diploma level that will allow you to meet industry requirements.

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