Precautions to remain safe in Australia

Many Nepalese come to Australia for their higher study as well as living in Australia. A majority among them comes with an inadequate idea about Australian life, work, and balance between study and earnings, which are essential to remain safe in Australia. There are a couple of things Nepalese students suffering from including joblessness, a financial crisis as well as life safety. These are meant as the outcomes of being ill-informed or coming into Australia with inadequate information about skills and precaution needed to live safe in Australia.

With the recent death of Nepalese young in Australia, there is a widespread worry across the Nepalese community in Australia; regarding the safety of young Nepalese students. Australia, as a new place to live and study for Nepalese students they should take extra care on their finance, life and leisure activities such as swimming.

Accidents and crime do happen in every country and city so taking precaution is the only best idea. The very first and foremost rule of living in Australia is to make sure that you chose a safe place for it. Always choose safe modes of transport and do not travel alone. Keep all documents digitally stored on the cloud and only a few cash in pocket is a good idea. Keep your diet and water consumption balanced as back home and keep getting in touch with friends, families as usual but careful on social media and digital relations.

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If you need to travel, keep your room/home locked properly and organize your valuables try not to display those items such as phones, iPod, jewelry, and keep them out of getting any attention. If you are driving get proper information about a destination, traffic rules and follow them properly.

Here is a video prepared by New South Wales Police with a suggestion to keep yourself safe in Australia, watch it out it will help to get an idea to be safe in many conditions:

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