Hard working visa condition breacher international student would face deportation

It would not be wrong to say the international students are the most hardworking people in Australia. Australian cities are cleaner, busy and restaurants are competent enough to offer quality food at a cheaper price because there are international students at the backend. Many international students are involved in cleaning, kitchen, hospitality as well as other service sectors as an employee who gets paid quite low, not always below the acceptable minimum pay rate. Apart from the study in Australian education provider institutions such as college and university these busy bees spend most of time with work. Which is the second in the priority list, to generate income to pay university fees and accommodation expenses.

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An Australian student visa allows international students to engage in jobs and career development activities during their study period in Australia. That is one of the attractive sides that attracts international students for their study abroad plan accomplishment. Many international students explore and invest their talent and establish themselves as an innovative migrant in Australia. And, others work to make their Australian stay comfortable with gaining experience in the Australian workplace. During the time they not only make and save money for life and future but also invest in their education and university courses. The process keeps resource flow to Australian universities. Hard working visa condition breacher international student would face deportation - NepaliPage

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Sometimes intentionally or unintentionally international students work more hours than their visa allows. Breaching student visa conditions working more hours than the visa permits make a serious consequence of removed from Australia. Last year the Australian government banned thousands of international students coming back from their holidays overseas and other thousands removed from Australia. The government report shows many international students who disobeyed their Australian student visa conditions and worked more than 20 hours a week were prevented to enter Australia. That happened while the Australian government canceled thousands of student visas granted to international students while they were visiting home country. Those who got their visa canceled during their home country visit couldn’t be back in Australia and no opportunity to appeal.

Last year, Australian Home Affairs Department has canceled 13,398 student visas and blocked students from entering Australia. Students who got their visa canceled while offshore would be blocked to board a flight to Australia in their home country.

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