Things to know before joining Aged Care Training

Aged Care, the career sector is quite popular among Nepalese living in Australia as it offers lucrative income opportunity with plenty of shift options. Not only among temporary visa holders it’s equally popular amid permanent residents too. For students, they can manage their tuition fee working during course holidays and during course, 20 hours work pays off enough to cover living expenses. That’s the reason behind the number of students joining aged care training. But, the aged care sector is not that easy to join as an employee as it looks appealing by its payment and potential shifts allocation. Many who completed aged care training with the hope of getting better payment gave up and joined other occupations wasting money and time. So one needs to know the sector and job availability with own ability and network to approach and get hired.

In an aged care setting, one needs to deal with individuals with different age, background, attitudes, abilities, and disabilities so need to have a variety of qualities. Dealing with elderly people with disabilities as well as different disorders has various hitches but one should be prepared to deal with. Taking care of such people and helping them to make their life comfort is more than a job, it’s a big responsibility. There are strict laws and regulations to ensure you care them in a proper way. So if you are planning to join the aged care sector or going to enroll for aged care training you should first consider these things. Do not focus much on payment and shifts, so won’t get in trouble later.


Are you responsible?

A standout amongst the most essential qualities of an aged care worker should have is responsibility. Understanding the role and ready to deliver the duty of care to someone who relies upon you. Its a serious role, however, a capable individual recognizes what this obligation implies and will dependably take mind that things like customary, pharmaceutical circumstances are clung to and arrangements, however maybe not advantageous, are going to on time.

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Do you have a caring personality?

Taking care of aged people requires a caring nature. Know how to make somebody feel someone is caring properly is very important. Making environment and living full of happiness, friendship and sense of security and privacy. Words are not enough, the non-verbal experience is important while caring for aged people so one should know how to react or act non-verbal. Things to know before joining Aged Care training - NepaliPage

Are you flexible?

Working shifts and hours may be odd for many who wish to join this care industry after completion of the aged care training. You must be flexible to work in odd hours such as night shift or long shift or short shift, depending on organizational or aged care residents need. Working adaptably will be critical to making your care home residents feel secure, as they think when they require you; you will be there for them. Moreover, adaptability is very important to join the aged care work sector. If you have not such quality, better not to choose aged care industry.

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What is your Visa?

After completing Aged care training while you look for a job opportunity at that point your visa plays a key role. If you are holding a student visa you may have few chances to get an opportunity to join aged care homes. So, before joining any aged care training course you should research on the availability of job opportunities and hiring trend for international students. You must have plan B too.

International Student & Visa condition

Many international students confused with the training program, whether their student visa allows or not to take aged care training. One needs to be sure about their visa conditions and keep comply while joining any additional training. Australian Skills Quality Authority in a post writes international students can take short-term additional training during their principle course but the course they undertake should be registered on CRICOS and should get Confirmation of Enrolment (COE). If you confused and not sure about it must consult with registered migration agent do not jeopardize your student visa.

These above-mentioned things should be considered before joining any aged care training so you would develop skill and employability in the aged care sector. While joining and planning for an aged care course you should research on your expenses, possibilities and visa risks, be mindful it’s one of the serious service sectors your carelessness may cause serious consequences.

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