Signs You Need to Rethink Your Career in 2017

Rethinking a career is a big decision and hence good amount of time must be given to this and the right decision must be taken. Rethinking wouldn’t mean to change the industry itself but you can look for something that interests you in some other sector within the industry. This way the work experience that you have will also not become obsolete.

Since this can be a very crucial decision, you can also take help of some counselor for the same or your colleagues for a second opinion. But the final decision has to be yours as you will be the one doing the new job and you are the one who is doing the current work. There are many reasons that you might want to rethink your career. Some of them are as mentioned.

Intervention of technology

The world is changing pretty fast as we are approaching closer to means like artificial intelligence and better ways to do business and hence achieve economic advantage. Amongst all this there are many positions in various companies that are under a threat and need an upgrade fast. Jobs are being automated and thus there is a risk. So if you feel you fall in this bracket then it is in benefit of yours if you start upgrading your skill set and also learn more about technology.

Your performance is not satisfactory

If you feel that you are not good at your job even after trying many times then it is a good decision to quit and go do something that will interest you and you will be good at doing. Do a self-evaluation of your performance and go ahead with the result.

There is no driving force

It might be a case that you are not doing what you like and you are just doing it to pay your bills. This will a dead end job for you one day and it is better to find where your interest lies and get on to it soon.

You are not learning anything new

It might be a case that your job has become quiet monotonous and that you are not learning anything new. If such is a case, it is better to search something that will teach you more. Do not take this step if you have just started your career in that sector as some learning time is required in the beginning which might feel mechanical but that is a necessity. Analyse how many years have you been in this job and are you still doing the same thing like you were doing before.

Writer : Sugandh Ratan Agarwal

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