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Working in security can be a really challenging work but you get to make a direct difference to the society and help people. It is a known fact to work in security you need to be a highly organized person and be determined to consider other’s safety before anything else. Security as a career option is now being taken by many as it further opens up opportunities in this area that by normal route would be difficult. As a security guard you will be assigned to protect buildings, banks, offices. In this line of work experience plays a major role. You can also go for personal security after establishing a name for yourself. Personal security is known to pay better but it is preferable to start with working for organization.

Some of the key characteristics that you need to possess for making a career in this field are:

  • Honest person with respect for time and good at management
  • Good at carrying out orders
  • A good physique is a must
  • Polite and helpful nature
  • Good written communication to make written reports
  • Ready to take lead and initiative
  • Good team player and team leader
  • Remain calm in stressful situations and know how to keep emotions in check.

Education and Training

There are various courses that you can do to start a career in security. These courses teach you about the laws and regulations and also you are familiarised with actual work environment situations. Personality development also is a vital part of this. Since to make a career in security you need to have a good physique and a good medical record, you may want to start working on that by yourself beforehand.

Work Environment

The work environment that a security guard has to work in are generally quiet stressful as the security of many is depending on a person. They are generally placed in organizations and events as well. For latter you may consider like providing security at some fest or music concert. This is generally done by say event security personnel or doorman.

Those who go in private security take up the position of bodyguards. You can choose to work for the patrol service as well in the capacity of mobile patrol officer. Your duty in this would be to regularly check areas to reduce criminal activities. Other areas of work can be as railway patrol officer, store security officer, airport security etc…


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