Artificial Intelligence to Eliminate These Jobs

As we are progressing more and more in technology, we are ourselves creating a threat for humankind and the jobs today. A more shocking thing is that this is no more limited to the automation field but is also now catching up to creative jobs like content writing as well. So if you thought that your job needs a personal touch then you couldn’t be more wrong. In a recent conversation with Starbucks Director and Clara Shih, CEO of Hearsay Social with the magazine Fortune all this has come up and has left everyone shocked.

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Adam Nash, CEO of Wealth Front revealed that robots are being used for roles like investment professionals. Adding to this he also said, “Our chief investment officer is Burt Malkiel, the former Princeton economist who wrote the book A Random Walk Down Wall Street, but I don’t think humans should be actually executing investment decisions”. There is no doubt that robots are taking over many jobs and thus all of us are facing a threat. He further added, “Our engineers build software so every one of our 75,000 clients get the benefit of Burt, but each of them gets the exact same quality of service from a technology that is available 24/7 and doesn’t get emotional.”


Among many jobs that are under threat of being automated, there are jobs that do not require much skill and the output from human intervention is not as useful as the cost put in. These are basically lower-skilled jobs, manufacturing-related works. There are also some jobs in the field of research that are under threat, however these deal with only the manual functions and not that much of brains. These include functions like paralegals etc… In the medical field, jobs like therapists are under stress.

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There are many jobs that are at threat starting with automated cars thus eliminating the need for drivers, self-booking, and check out thus cutting jobs in the hospitality industry and so on. So what can a student do to safeguard his or her job? Here are a few tips:

  • Get acquainted with the technology. It would also be better to get some short courses done to get more knowledge in the field.
  • Get in touch with people in the industry and know what are the current trends
  • The industry is fast-changing and hence it will be better to keep learning.


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