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Job market is more competitive today than it ever was. This is quite evident from the fact that students as soon as they enter into university are told to choose the skill sets that they want to build and start working on them. This is a rather very important decision as your career starts getting shaped from here. The skills that you choose basically belongs to two categories i.e. soft skills and hard skills.Top Skills Employers are looking for - NepaliPage

Hard skills are the ones that refer to the kind of job you are applying for or the career that you want to pursue. For example, say you want to make a career in finance sector, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules and standard practices in that industry and concepts of accounting, practical approach etc…  While soft skills are the ones that come in your E.Q. i.e. emotional quotient. These may include team management skills, group building skills, and inter-personal relationships and so on. Thus employers want the right mix of both of these.

Apart from this, there are many other skill sets that are desired by employers. These can be divided into categories as shown below:

  • Analytical skills
  • Communication skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Interpersonal relationship skills
  • A positive attitude
  • Keen to learn
  • Technical skills

Top Skills Employers are looking for - NepaliPageWhile many of these skills come from the formal education that one goes through, some are required to be gained by self-effort. Skills like team building and leadership are more from the attitude of the person than any other thing. Talking about self-acquired skills, there is a special skill set that the employer desire the most called as transferrable skills. This is basically the skill set that you have gained and nurtured as a result of your previous job and the responsibilities that were given to you in it. This can be a combination of many skills and hence you need to showcase those to your prospective new employer which matches with your new job and will help you to understand things faster and better.

Thus a good skill set can definitely help you get that dream job if used well and showcased properly. Make sure to include these in your resume strategically connecting them with the new job and you are good to go.

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