Preparing the master resume

While applying for a job, a resume is the first thing that your prospective employer sees about you and hence more time should be spent than anything else.  A resume should be a mirror representation of what you are and how you want to portray your career. Some people also chose to include a brief introduction about them in their resume that gives it a more focused look. Here are some other tips that you can include while preparing a master resume:

  • Include extra-curricular

This is one major mistake that all of us make by including only the intellectual side of us in our resumes. No employer wants a person who will be dull and thus more and more companies are looking for people with some extra-curricular. But there is a catch here. You should include only those things that relate to the profile you are applying for.

  • Take a look at all your previous resumes. Think about what was asked in some interview about which you weren’t very confident. It is better to remove these things and include those that you are very confident about.
  • Revisit your current work responsibilities and what you may have done in your past jobs. Match these with what you are applying for. Then include those which will give you an edge. You can do the same with the courses that you may have done or any big projects handled.
  • Take opinions.

You can choose to make it all on your own however it is advisable to take multiple opinions on the same. This is because you don’t really know the thought process of your employer and hence seeking advice from your professors and other people can help you build a resume that passes the test of general satisfaction.

There are many agencies that help you build a resume at some cost. If you are not very sure about writing it on your own, you can also visit one.

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Preparing the master resume - NepaliPage

The Writing Language:

Not only does what you include in your resume matter but also how you write it. The writing style, the vocabulary make a lot of impact on the reader. If you use a lot of difficult words just to make the resume sound intelligent it might just confuse the reader and put the focus away from your qualification and similar things. Thus try to use simple language, use technical words only when necessary say while describing your current responsibilities.

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