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How to get an Australian Work Visa?

Three new visas 491, 494 and 191 to boost regional Australia - NepaliPage

An Australian work visa gives you to remain and work lawfully in Australia. There are different visas that let you live and work in Australia for a limited time or lifelong periods. There are different visas that give you an opportunity to live, study as well as work in Australia with ample chances to be …

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Here’s how to improve your Project Management Skills

It’s a very true fact that Project Managers are sought after. By enhancing your abilities, you can enable your group to accomplish their and the hierarchical objectives to and turn into a precious resource for your organization. Everything begins with you.  On the off chance that you have a feeling …

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Develop some General Skills To Boost Your Career

Develop some General Skills To Boost Your Career - NepaliPage

In Australia opportunities are floating around, you could grab any opportunity by developing some general skills that would boost your career. Coming back to work or study can be an overwhelming knowledge, particularly after a long break. Numerous grown-ups are coming back to studies to pick up the information and …

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Developing Leadership Skills in Community Service

Developing Leadership Skills in Community Service - NepaliPage

Leadership skills are one of the skillsets most sought in every industry. Be it any career, having some qualities like leadership characteristics and empathy are essential. Especially these are required in careers related to healthcare which are at boom currently. To gain these skills and many others, some experience with …

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Importance of Numeracy and Literacy Skills in 2017

Importance of Numeracy and Literacy Skills in 2017 - NepaliPage

 Numeracy and Literacy Skills are basics whatever industry you planning to get in. In any career path, you may choose to require good literacy skills and numeracy skills to excel and also to impress any potential employer to get started. These are the first things that anyone notices about you in …

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Essential Skills for Career In Hospitality

  A career in the hospitality industry can be very glamorous and hence is being sought after by many youngsters. There is no doubt that in the initial years the job can be tough and one has to face challenges but the glamour part of it covers up for this …

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Top Skills Employers are looking for

Job market is more competitive today than it ever was. This is quite evident from the fact that students as soon as they enter into university are told to choose the skill sets that they want to build and start working on them. This is a rather very important decision …

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