Home Improvements That Won’t Break Your Lease

When you live in same property for a long time it needs repairs and improvements, if you living in rented one still your home improvement works won’t break your lease.

Be it your own house or a leased/rented one, over time it needs some improvements which some are necessary while some are just done to make the stay more pleasant. But before doing this, any tenant must consider the fact that there can be some home improvements and renovations that can cause some problems between you and your landlord, and the agreement of tenancy will be at risk then.

A good way to find out what you can and what you can’t do as far as home improvements are considered is to talk to your real estate agent and go through the tenancy agreement. The agreement usually provides for what can be done. Also before making any changes, talk to your landlord and seek his permission. This is considered best as at the end of the day it is his property only. This also removes any chances of disputes later on.

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Home Improvements That Wont Break Your Lease - NepaliPage

In cases where you are doing some renovation which is of permanent nature make it a point to seek the permission of the landlord. Also, such changes can be costly hence it is advisable to see the return value and how much time would you be able to enjoy it. For example, if there is some problem with the flooring or you don’t like it, it will be a mistake to get it all changed. Instead of this a better idea would be to get a new carpet. This way your flooring will be better, you have to put lesser investment and also it’s not permanent.

In case your landlord doesn’t allow for some change it is better not to go ahead with this as it will cause problems. Minor repairs and changes can be done at your disposal and if they are of urgent nature can be informed to the landlord later. These include broken things that need immediate repair etc…

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Home Improvements That Wont Break Your Lease - NepaliPage

Also, any damages done by you to the property must be made good at your cost as soon as possible and for this, you don’t need the permission of the landlord. In case you remove something from the property, for the time being, make sure to store it safely and put it back later like it was before. No changes should cause any damage to the property. Some renovations can make the property more valuable and if its value increases in the market then you may be charged a higher rent. Be careful about this as well.

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