Find Room & Accommodation in Australia


Newcomers as International students experience a bit hard to Find Room & Accommodation in Australia early days of their arrival. In Australia, real estate agents are the only means to make an arrangement to rent a room for accommodation purpose. Unlike in Nepal, housing properties in Australia are kept on rent through agents. Real estate agents mediate the house owner and prospective tenants to figure out to whom and how to lease the property.

Usually, property owners look for strong financial and character status in prospect tenants to avoid disputes and problems. This is the major reason most of the international students struggle to find Room & Accommodation in Australia because they are new and they do not have an adequate income source to impress real estate agents as well as property owners. In such, many international students opt hostel, backpackers, homestay and sharing apartments for their living during student life in Australia.

Sharing room or apartment helps international students to live in a place with cheaper rent option. Students and residents, who already passed the stage usually, share their apartments and house with newcomers that help themselves as well as those newcomers who do not get units and apartments under their name through real estate agents. Here are listing to find Room & Accommodation in Australia for Nepalese Students:

Room in Perth