How to find a best Nepali mortgage broker in Australia

Doing the home loan through Nepali Mortgage Broker not only helps get the loan done, but also gives a Nepali touch in the process that gives more confidence for the borrower.

How to find a best Nepali mortgage broker in Australia -

Living under own roof is an Australian dream. But, buying house in Australia is not that easy thing for many, few achieve it in their young age. As a fix asset house is a long term and secure investment that would return good ROI in a long run. For Nepalese building or buying home is significant milestone in life as traditionally men are meant to be matured after building own roof for the family. So, Nepalese migrated in Australia also very much influenced by that. Generally, it’s not a bad perception, who in this world does not want to have secured investment? Everyone does.

Whether purchasing a first home or investment property, it’s a significant achievement. To be on this stage one need to achieve some degree of financial stability as well as career and job settlement. For first home buyer its very new thing to experience and go through various paper works. They must arrange many financial documents and prove they have good financial discipline. Mortgage broker helps them to organise documentations and offer themselves as a good borrower who can pay off the loan.

As a home buyer not necessarily, you are aware of all the legal process and regulations. Mortgage broker you hire will guide you through the process and arranges legal practitioner to act for your side. As a Nepali home buyer if you booked with a Nepali mortgage broker, they even could explain the process and legal things in your own language. There are many Nepali mortgage brokers active in the market, but few are really good. How to find a best one is challenging. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the steps you should take to find a best to help you organise home loan for you.

Digital footprint

We are in 21st century living a digital life. Everything on the tip of our finger, the most challenging thing is we are getting too much information. The first step to find a best Nepali mortgage broker in Australia is check their digital footprint, what they are doing digital. What they are posting on socials, are they featured in media, what about community media like, how Nepalese media frame them as well as Wikipedia, professional publications. Digital content about them helps you to know how good the mortgage agent is. Google and other socials reviews helps a lot to figure out.

Are they listed on NepaliPage?

This is also a crucial point to be noted, NepaliPage as premium Nepali Community media platform it lists some of the good mortgage agents. If someone on the list means good to go.

Qualifications and Experience

While choosing a mortgage agent one of the most important aspects to consider is their qualification and experience. Though there is basic qualification and standard for mortgage agents are there as part of professional accreditation and licensing, apart from that what’s qualification of the mortgage agent pays a key role. For example, if someone with finance degree or taxation is a must go one.

It’s crucial to ensure that the agent you deal with must be a licensed and regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). You can check license online. Years in the industry shows their experience which develops expertise in the mortgage industry, that could help you too.

The agent’s industry engagement such as long time in the industry, participation in CPD activities, membership in professional body. If you scroll down little bit deep on their social media account, you could see photos and posts if they are engaged with industry and professional bodies.

Find Best Nepali Mortgage Broker: Nepali Mortgage Broker in Australia 

How to find a best Nepali mortgage broker in Australia - nepalipage

Effective Communication

Soft skills such as effective communication is key for success in every profession, while it comes for a mortgage agent it plays vital role. As you are in Australia, your Nepali mortgage must have good English language skills so s/he can comprehend terms and conditions of loan properly. If your mortgage agent does not have command over English language s/he may not understand terms and conditions and explain your obligations to the bank and loan. Which may be disastrous.

Are they in community group?

Your home is for at least five to six years, with 30 years loan terms. Means, it’s a big commitment and financial obligation so you need to get informed choice regarding your home loan and its interests. So, check your mortgage agent in Nepalese community groups, where they stand, how they interact with community people, do they reply to people’s queries related to their industry?

Check for second opinion

While dealing with own community agents you must check with friends and your network people. Second opinion is must, because with own community agents people give five stars and positive review in public though they are not happy with the service. So have a chat in private so you might get genuine feedback for mortgage agent that in your list.

Schedule a Meeting and ask question

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of Nepali mortgage agents, then schedule a meeting, at least talk with two, three agents before you choose one. Ask as many questions as you have, once you signed the loan documents you not getting to ask question and get clarification, you must pay your loan off. Mortgage agent get paid to make you sign the loan, so that’s their job to give you opportunity to make informed choice. There is nothing wrong asking question and if you are not happy with the agent you are meeting go for another, its open market anyway. Do not bother yourself thinking ‘what he will say?’, care about your mortgage ‘who will pay? ‘


In conclusion, for first home buyer as well as investment property buyer is not hard to find good mortgage broker if you have good network, research skill and financial background. While it comes to select a mortgage agent you need to leverage your social network to make it easy and trustworthy. There are many Nepali Mortgage Brothers in Australia, can help you find good deal for your first home as well as investment properties. Some of the bests are listed on Nepalese Australian Community Media NepaliPage.

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