People earned 4.3 million dollars, simply filling and referring online survey  

In 2021 Octopus members earned total 4.3 million according to Octopus Group, that runs one of the large member groups in Australia.

Giving opinion through online survey and good bucks in return is a cool engagement online. In recent days many people adopting different online activities that generated income name as a side hustle. Some create contents, write articles and reviews, vlogs, social influencer creating short videos, drop shipping, affiliate marketing and many more. Such not only engages in online and social media activities but also returns good bucks as referral and commission.

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People earned 4.3 million dollars, simply filling and referring online survey - NepaliPage
Many Australian making good passive income filling online surveys


In Australia, Octopus survey is one of the trusted online opinion survey groups, has 300 thousand plus membership. There are couple of others paying good rates for this leisure or commute time activity. Many involved on such opinion giving act making thousands of dollars annual.

According to Octopus Group, its members get paid $4.3 millions over 12 months of 2021. The survey group used to pay 100,000 each week to its members on that year. People earned 340,000 dollars just by referring their friends to join the group, where they completed 1.2 million surveys.

One of the survey user Olivia from New South Wales referred 18,120 people and potentially bagged 362,400 dollars.

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People earned 4.3 million dollars, simply filling and referring online survey  - NepaliPage
Octopus pays users each week.

Is an Octopus online survey a scam?

A big NO! Octopus survey is one of the trusted online survey community groups in Australia. Recently it has expanded its group in New Zeeland. As an Australian entity it has own legal boundary and running under Australian legal framework.

Is Octopus survey safe?

Yes, Octopus survey is safe to join and participate. You may be sceptical to provide your email, mobile no, and DoB details and its ok, we need to sceptical while sharing our personal information online, that helps to keep safety. But as an Australian company running in Australia, they follow standard legal and privacy policy at least. You can read their privacy policy and how they collect, store, and use your personal information over the time. As we have already tried this one and using it for at least from three years.

How to join?

To join Octopus survey just click here and fill your information to make your profile on it.

How much I can make in a week?

It’s leisure time activity does not replace your regular job or mainstream income but pays some good dollars enough to pay for coffee or travel. Handful people are making thousands of dollars even more than 200k annually. But, all may not be lucky, depends on other scenarios too. Expect weekly 50-100 dollars if you selected and completed survey allocated to you.

How to get more online surveys?

Your answer could disqualify you from the survey question. So need to careful while answering. Here are some quick tips to complete surveys successfully.

People earned 4.3 million dollars, simply filling and referring online survey  - NepaliPage



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