Make passive income filling online surveys

Have you noticed or not, many people making big bucks just giving their opinion on different products and services. Thanks to online surveys filling up people’s pockets with dollars for each survey they completed. Online surveys give you consistent passive income for your response which you could take utilising your leisure time. There are heaps of websites that offer online surveys and pay respondents based on the time they use to fill up their opinion. One of the tricky parts of the game is you have to be smart to know which is safe to go with. Most Australian survey websites are considered safe to use. They pay pretty good dollars for each survey completed.

Do they really pay for filling online survey?

Yes, undoubtedly you will get paid for each survey you completed. Survey sites often pay you via gift card or cash in your nominated account. The payment rate might be different based on the survey type, the time it consumes but you will get paid for sure.

Is an online survey a scam?

No, most of them not a scam. They are funded by big companies, brands, and organizations to know people’s opinions to shape their upcoming products and services. It’s a part of the research and design of upcoming products. To know potential consumer and their expectation many companies hire survey companies they run online surveys. Online survey companies define and select the sample population and send surveys to the respondents. When you join any survey they collect your demography and other details that determine you would be selected or not for a particular survey. Even they use your IP and Cookies to ensure the survey gets its intended person. If you spend online and like to give your opinion on various topics and products it’s a good side hustle to make your pocket warm.

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Make passive income filling online surveys - NepaliPage
What sorts of paid online surveys I should join?

You can choose any kind of survey. But, to qualify for the survey it’s best to select the one you have a genuine interest in. Because the online survey company only pays you for your qualified and completed survey choosing a topic you really familiar with is always the best. If you choose survey only seeing a big buck at the compilation you not aware with it would be a time waste when you disqualify at the middle of the way. So while picking a survey you need to be mindful.

Is online survey safe?

Yes, online surveys are safe to join and they pay you on time. It solely depends on you what sorts of your information you want to share with them. To make dollars income via online surveys you just need to sign up filling in some basic information such as name. Email, date of birth, are essential to control your account, remember you need these to recover your account in case you lost your password. Often Australian survey groups keep private information safe following the standard Australian norms.

How much I can make a week via online surveys?

Though it’s one of the easy ways to make money online, the amount depends on you and your dedication. Determined people can make 200 to 300 dollars per week, which is a really big buck. Keeping your regular income aside is more than enough to cover your pub bill. Commuters only filling online surveys during their train or bus trip can also make travel expenses covering income.

Which survey to Join?

There are heaps online but, couples very nice. Try following to make a good buck, good luck,

  1. Octopus Survey 
  2. Swag Bucks
  3. Zen Surveys
  4. My Opinions
  5. Toluna
  6. Rewardia
  7. eSurveyBox
Make passive income filling online surveys - NepaliPage
Screen grab of Octopus group redeemable earning. Image: Madan

I made 3,500 in a year – Madan 

I was sceptical at the very first to join Octopus Survey as not that familiar with such online surveys. When I started filling the joining form, there was nothing we need to worry. Now, its been more than three years with Octopus survey I made good money for coffee, even sometime it covers my internet and mobile bills. I made more than 3,500 dollars in a year, just simply giving my answer for survey questions and refer friends to join and do the similar.

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