Career as a Photographer in Australia

The good news is that if you have a camera and are aware of few know-how techniques you don’t need a degree to start a photography career in Australia. Nepalese students who likewise took photography as a hobby now can take it up as their career.

Job outlook states the growing trend of photography in Australia. Over the past five years, the figures expect to enlarge from 13,600 (2016) to 14,300(2023) with a job opening of 1800 every year.

Instead of going on a job hunt in Star-bucks or retail supermarket, Nepales students now can land up in the studios or do their version of networking to start as a freelancing photographer. The career attracts a well-settled amount which is enough for the students to cover up their living, educational and daily expenses.

But before handling the photography work in Australia, one must know their market, client view, demand for skill, and average payment. 

A specialization of a photographer in Australia

  • Sports photographer
  • Wedding photographer
  • Fashion photographer
  • Portrait photographer
  • News photographer
  • Technical photographer
  • Photographic artists

Responsibilities of a photographer in Australia

  • Narrow down the objectives of respective clients for the photography assignment.
  • A thorough study of the lights, camera, filter, and lightning.
  • Working on-site and off-site.
  • Determine the exposure and light levels.
  • Properly adjust the camera angles, subjects and aperture settings.
  • Adjust the filters, highlights and colours.
  • Develop prints and film.
  • Use digital software to manipulate the image.
  • Make framed, enlarged and mount prints.

Career as a Photographer in Australia - NepaliPage

Qualifications of a photographer in Australia

Like said earlier, no high set of skills are needed to start your career in photography. Though formal education may help you to understand the equipment, VET (Vocational Education Training) are a common pathway to photography.

Skills needed to be a photographer in Australia

Be it your employer or your client they look out for sound interpersonal skills to communicate with a larger audience.


Entering into a professional field ask for knowledge beyond the subject matter. It includes:

Areas Skills levels Requirements
Personal client service 72% Provide the highest standard service, understanding your client’s need and ultimately measure client satisfaction.
Sales & marketing 69% Demonstration skills and techniques.
Equipment’s & software 68% Use coral software, adobe illustrator, render, designing software for fine photography touch.
Innovative 65% Compose, design and produce a unique product.
English language 54% A proper communicating language with the client.



From holding a camera to clicking its button, in between, there are lots of skills one must have to be a photographer in Australia.

Areas Skills Requirement
Active listening 55% To carefully and properly listen to the client’s requirements.
Speaking 46% Two-way communication with clients to bring out the skilled service.
Reading comprehensiveness 45% Knowing every work-related information.
Active learning 43% Problem-solving ability.



A sound physical and mental ability is a must in the photography career. Few includes:

Areas Skill level Requirements
Oral comprehension 57% Listen and understand people around you.
Verbal expression 57% Communicate with the people.
Far vision 55% Minutely observe the details.
Near vision 57% See close up details.
Originality 54% Creative problem-solving capacity.



Once you enter the field, one must upgrade their knowledge often and performing innovative activities would add a bonus in your photography career.

Areas Skill levels Requirements
Creative thinking 77% Developing own ideas, and design.
Updated knowledge 73% Keeping up with technology advancement.
Building a relationship 70% Healthy client relationship for long run business.
Communicating with the public 68% Giving out business details for referrals.


Salary of a photographer in Australia

Well, once entered in the field of photography, Nepalese can financially stand strong for an hourly rate of an experienced photographer starts from $40.69, which, makes $79,342 per annum. While the beginners start making $36,400 per year. If you are willing to work as a freelancer, then the average salary starts from $32.96.

Getting a job suiting your college timing is difficult in Australia. These implies to Nepalese and other international students who migrate to Australia in a view to create a bright future and living—and starting a career in Australia as a photographer prevents the students from tedious and hectic work, offering good wages for sustainability in Australia.

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