Woolworths & Telstra offers job opportunities to nearly 20,000 Australians

Nepalese students who recently headed to Australia are facing juggling trouble in their educational upfront and employment. Students who recently enrolled in the Australian Universities and have applied for employment, the COVID-19 epidemic has deflated their opportunities. Those who joined the job, are facing the scenario of employment redundancy.

While the world’s financial analysts and economists are predicting recession after the COVID-19 epidemic. Australia’s supermarket giant Woolworths has proclaimed to hire nearly 20,000 workers by next month. Similarly, Telstra, the telco giant is ready to take up 1000 of temporary contractors.

With the situation of an emergency lockout in the various state, most of the businesses today are terminating the employees, while the Nepalese students working in hospitality sectors and other private business is facing the situation of employee turnover.


Whereas, the supermarket and Telstra are proceeding to fill the position from the basic level to mid-level. Woolworths is releasing vacancy for checkout assistant, shelf stacking, call center, and stock distributors to cope with the demand for groceries and essentials.

Currently, there are 725 vacancies in the supermarket while nearly 116 employment opportunities in Telstra.  Vacancies are available in several states of Australia, including NSW, Perth, and Melbourne.

Woolworths Group CEO Brad Banducci showcased how the retail chain is interested in creating job opportunities during and after the COVIID-19 impact. He said,

“These are uncertain times for many industries, and we have an important role to play keeping Australians employed through this crisis.”

Likewise, Telstra to support the Australian economy is bringing forward $500 million of capital expenditure, to increase the rollouts of 5G. The telecom giant is continuing to focus on the productivity program to decline the underlying fixed cost by $2.5 billion annually by the end of the financial year 2022.

Both of the companies are initiating to take up the immediate deployment of staff affected by the closure of other industries.

The aforesaid employment can be availed by the Qantas employees, hotel or pub employees, as a temporary or permanent worker.

The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 leaves thousands of Aussies and Nepalese unemployed, causing a high-end recession.

Banducci claims the new role will help to serve the customers in a better and most convenient manner to address the inclining demand. Further, it also allows us to scale up its delivery operations in the month ahead.

Estimated job openings in Woolworths

  • Western Australia – 2100
  • Victoria -5000
  • New South Wales – 5700
  • ACT- 300
  • Queensland – 4700
  • Norther territory- 250
  • Tasmania – 600

Telstra has not given its state openings so far.  However, to fill in the existing vacancy of Telstra on can check their career explore page here!

Similarly, students searching for jobs in Woolworths can go through the vacancy on the official career page of Woolworths.

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