Tradie Job: Window Cleaning in Australia

Window cleaning, when the term buzzes in mind one makes an idea of cleaning interior and exterior window surfaces of buildings that might be residential or commercial. Residential window-cleaning seems less daring while some find a commercial window cleaning daring that includes cleaning high-rise window cleaning using scaffolding and rope. But, with the use of safety equipment and safe work practice, it is a high earning business for those who don’t fear of heights. With growing business opportunity many individuals now adopting window cleaning as their business. 

Do not make a stereotypic image of a person standing on scaffolds or hanging on the rope and cleaning windows of a high-rise building. There are many sectors besides the high-rise, smaller office buildings, shopping stores, hotels, bars, pubs, and many others, that need the window cleaning.

In Australia cleaning surfaces, materials and objects, such as windows is a big business where an individual can pocket hefty bucks. In the past five years, a new entry in this business has increased strongly and expected to grow gradually in upcoming years. Growing high-rise and trend of glass façade in building and construction pushing the window cleaning sector in overall. With growing people’s movement into cities and healthy growth of the hospitality industry now many firms in cities sought clean window. That creates workers regular jobs and calls for window-cleaning.

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Tradie Job: Window Cleaning in Australia - NepaliPage

Window cleaning has two distinct sector domestic window cleaning and commercial window cleaning. If you want to go for commercial window cleaning, it needs more investment as gives the same rate of returns and for domestic window cleaning, one can start with their regular small car or van, an aluminum A-frame ladder, and some smart work wear.

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Window Cleaning Gears

While buying equipment for your window-cleaning task, buy simple and low to the medium range first if you focusing on the domestic market. Spend little but do not compromise on quality work and safety in this matter make sure you buy the right type of bucket, squeegee, extension pole, clothes, and ladder. There are 5 common tools with them you can start your window-cleaning job:
1. Washer
2. Squeegee
3. Bucket
4. Scraper
5. Extension Pole

Why join Window Cleaning?

There are no hard and fast requirements to join this sector if you not working for high-rise buildings. One can start work after some hours on the job training to clean windows. That’s the reason many people join the window-cleaning sector in their first employment period, it also offers a very good pay rate. A starter in this sector gets at least 25 dollars an hour where experienced one could get 35 dollars to 40 dollars in an hour.

This is the sector you can start your own business easily with the small scale of investment. Even you do not establish a company, can work under ABN. If you join crowd websites such as Airtasker or other service listing websites such as Gumtree you can get jobs and calls for the service. If you thinking to make it a long time business you have to establish your work as a brand with a sound looking website and some Search Engine Optimisation.

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