How much you earning a week?

Are you earning same as your mate? The answer might be yes or no and you might have to make more or less than your mate. It’s not a matter of competition but you need to be very careful about your performance and time at work and the amount you getting paid for that. On the other side calculate whether or not this income enough for you to run daily life, mortgage, and future savings, if not you need to change the job or upgrade your skills to prepare yourself to get higher wages.

Traditionally we have a proverb ‘don’t ask boy’s income and girl’s age’, but when it comes in Australian life you living today you should ask with your mate how are they earning and manage their expenses to check whether you ripped off or not. 

Alternatively, you can compare with Australian Bureau of Statistics data that shows average Australian earning per hour as well as week.

Ripped off is not a new term for international students and new migrants in Australia, they already pass through it. But, to live a quality life you must earn as similar to Australian median weekly earnings. To keep it simple if you are working part-time and making $530 weekly earning into your pocket that’s fine and working full-time you making $1320 around you are in good position.

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An economist Jason Murphy has written a piece of analysis about weekly earning on that would give you an in-depth idea on the earning and most paying sectors in Australia based on Australian Bureau of Statistics data. To read more Click Here.

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