Skills that help you to find a decent income in Australia

The third task once done with fund management and English test pops in mind is training. Every aspirant for study Australia in Nepal asks with friends and relatives a question about work and income in Australia. ‘What sorts of training do I have to take to improve employability in Australia?’ There is a stereotypic view that skills and experience back home don’t work here in Australia while approaching for a job for the very first time. But, that’s not true always. If you listen to that and came into Australia without proper skill you would suffer to find a good job and a decent income in Australia since your first week.

Though, for newcomers and international students, it’s not easy to get into a job in Australia for the first month of arrival if you do not have good networking within community members. But if you have some specific skills that in demand in the market; you just need to reformat your resume in Australian way to get a job with a decent income in Australia that could cover your daily expenses and university fees. In this case, you need to frame out what sorts of occupations are in demand in Australia and in that particular city, you are going to live and study. You can get an idea of using government job and skill portals what sorts of skills in demand in that particular area. 

You can join for training once you make your mind to come to Australia for further study. You can take training and join the workplace during your preparation for IELTS test or other documentation processing, in many cases, people need to wait longer for visa grant notice too and sometimes students differ semester because of visa processing times. So, it would be great if you get trained in a particular skill and worked for a few months to enhance your skill. Such skill and experience will help you to make your journey to Australia with happy starting. You do not need to wait for a happy ending.

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Trade occupation and tradie skills are generally most in demand over Australia. So developing handy skills of Plumbing, Electricals, Repairing skills, Desktop Designing, Video skills, photography and many more will help you to get a similar job opportunity that pays good hourly pay. If you land in Australia without such skills and ideas as others you would have to work as a kitchen hand, cleaner, housekeeper, car washer, etc. but one training and skill learned in Nepal may change your job prospects as well as income in Australia. Skills that help you to find a decent income in Australia - NepaliPage

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If you are planning to come into Australia to study getting trained as well as experienced with following skills and occupation may help you to find a job and decent income in Australia:

• Plumber
• Electrician
• Chef/Cook
• Tiller
• Roof Tiller
• Bricklayer
• Carpenter
• Cabinet Maker
• Gardener
• Auto-Mechanic
• Hair Stylist
• Makeup (Beauty parlor)
• Tailor
• Key Cutting
• Landscaping
• Photography
• Videography
• Desktop Publishing (desktop designer)
• Air-condition Repairing
• Refrigeration Works

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