A good resume can secure a job for you

A good resume is key to success. To get a job in Australia you need to apply for the position with a standard resume, that clearly explains your experience and skills to your potential employer. One of the reasons behind not getting hired though applying more than dozens of vacancies might be a poor resume.A good resume can secure a job for you - NepaliPage

People around the world include almost the same information in a resume but style different. So one needs to organize and design a resume on the way to get the employer’s consideration. It should be designed to provide a clear picture of your skill, knowledge, and experience to convince the employer that you are the right person for the vacant position.

Do not forget to mention your reachable contact details including your first and last name, mobile number as well as an email address. Suburb address might be helpful to increase possibilities of getting hired (companies prefer local residents) avoid including the unit number or house number is a good idea. 

Write your key strengths on the first fold of your resume so the potential employer will get a good impression of your personal skills related to the position. And another important thing is your experience; it should be in reverse chronological order (latest one is on the top) and include the company’s name, address, and position with a brief description of your designated tasks there.

Your highest achieved education should be included; it can include the highest degree you achieved in your country and what you are studying in Australia. Write the date of completion, subject, the name of the school/university. If you have taken training or certificates or cards related to the potential job and position you must include that, they might be White Card, RSA, First Aid, etc.

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A good resume can secure a job for you - NepaliPage

As a part of your resume ‘reference’ deserves a heavyweight ☺. You should include those people who can speak about your skills, expertise, and professional qualities. They might be your supervisor, manager or co-worker, write their name, company name, position they held, and contact details.

At the end of your resume do mention your availability to work for the company you apply. In this section, you can explain which shift and timings.

Your resume should be:

On bulleted form – it’s ideal to make a resume with listed descriptions, make it reader-friendly and eye candy.

Completed in one page – make it concise, you are not going to write the whole story, leave something for the interview ☺

Customized – modify your resume for each job opportunity and company, so it fits their requirements and expectations.

Free from grammar mistakes – make it grammatical-error-free, use Australian English, change your computer set to “English – Australia” mode.

Simply the best – make sure your resume design simple, organized, unique design, and finally neat and clean.A good resume can secure a job for you - NepaliPage

Your resume should not:

Include personal information – such as passport details, full home address (unit or house number), religion, nationality, visa, date of birth, gender, hobbies as well as marital status.

Include irrelevant information – such as writing programming skills or training while applying for Kitchen Hand.

Bombarding information – such as listing too many duties and repeating the same you have performed in your previous job.

Include a photo – do not attach your photo unless potential/employer asks for it.

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