Forklift Driver: stable job with good pay

Moving heavy materials here and there using motorized vehicle, mostly indoor work, lucrative payment and work near home, these are something that makes forklift driver one of the desired job. These are the important aspect of work that gives chance to manage work-life balance. As part of the job, forklift driver has to operate forklifts to move materials such as palatalized goods, big cartons as well as construction materials in warehouse or construction sites.

Warehouses, factories, construction and shipping yards are major places where forklift driver are hired. If you are considering forklift driver as your future job another good news for you, as per Australian government’s JobOutlook it’s a stable job and majority are employment opportunity turns as a permanent role with possible 37 hours a week workload. Generally, forklift drivers earn 1,000 dollars per week tend to increase with experience.

How to become a forklift driver?

To work as a forklift driver you need to obtain a forklift license in Australia. To obtain a forklift license you need to be at least 18 years old, the legal age in Australia. After proving you are legally fit for forklift operation you need to join for a training in certified RTO and take theoretical as well as practical classes. You need to prove your theoretical as well as the practical skill of safe operation, forklift control, maneuvering, work procedures, counterbalance as well as dealing with real-life work conditions. Once you pass the theoretical and practical test supervised by the designated trainer you will able to get a forklift license. There are two kinds of forklift license LO and LF you need to check and confirm which you want to obtain as per your job plan.

Operating forklift is high-risk work so you need to obtain high-risk license too, and comply with Australian health and safety regulations. Generally, high-risk work license valid for five years.

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Forklift Driver: stable job with good pay - NepaliPage

Employment prospect for a forklift driver

Warehousing, construction, manufacturing as well as transport, postal and wholesale trading has continuous growth recorded for several years and foretasted for many upcoming years. So it is considered a very large occupation in Australia. You can expect at least 37 hours a week, at least 1000 dollars income and permanent role in this occupation as a forklift driver.

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Task a forklift driver need to do

  • Operation and control of the forklift aligning with the load they carry, raise the load to keep on racks or stack and unstack in the workplace.
  • Transporting goods, equipment and loads to a designated area in a warehouse, factories, and yards.
  • Scanning, sorting and storing goods in an appropriate way.
  • Assessment of risk and ensuring forklift operation is safe and complying the government’s safe work regulations.
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