Reasons student fail NAATI CCL Test

Passing NAATI CCL became one of the toughest task for students that increase chance to get permanent residency in Australia.

Cutthroat competition to score higher points in migration point calculator made a need for international students to be dynamic if they want Australian permanent residency. Not a desired but essential requirements for this includes at least 2 years study in Australia, Skilled Occupation (listed on MLTSS) skill assessment, professional year, onshore or offshore skilled experience, superior level English (PTE/IELTS 8 each band) and must pass the NAATI CCL Test. These all together contribute to a score that would help you to pass through Australian point tested skilled migration program for Australian permanent residency.
With this Australian migration scenario, now the social media including Facebook, YouTube are full of success stories of PTE and NAATI CCL Test results. Advertisement, promotional video and boosted posts over Facebook and other social platforms with the success message created a superficial consensus that you can crack the test with some tricks and ideas no matter how’s your skill are. Most of us follow the trending and boosted videos and follow their messages almost blindly no any tend to use logic. 

As NAATI CCL Test examines candidates accuracy, language quality, and speech delivery there are very few corners one can use tricks to manipulate marking. NAATI CCL is heavily different than PTE, a computer-based English language test in terms of its test delivery as well as marking. No one can crack or pass the CCL test with limited vocabularies and speaking skills only practicing some audios and predesigned templates as passed in PTE. The test setting and examination process not only different but also the aspects of language use and scenario are dissimilar.

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Reasons student fail NAATI CCL Test - NepaliPage

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Aspirant test takers for NAATI CCL get frustrated while preparing for the test because there are no such reading and practice materials available. Many coaching centers only focused on ‘word-meaning’ list and audio records language use and delivery often ignored.

Following are the reasons and areas in which NAATI CCL test taker make mistake and lose their points consequently lead to failing the test.


A – Major Omissions

B – Major Distortions

C – Major Unjustified Insertions

D – Excessive Requests for Repetition


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Quality of Language


E – Inappropriate Choice of Register in English

F – Unidiomatic Usage in English

G – Incorrect Sentence Structures in English

H – Grammatical Errors in English

I – Unsatisfactory Pronunciation in English

J – Inappropriate Choice of register in LOTE (Nepali)

K – Unidiomatic Usage in LOTE (Nepali)

L – Incorrect Sentence Structures in LOTE (Nepali)

M – Grammatical errors in LOTE (Nepali)

N – Unsatisfactory errors in LOTE (Nepali)


Quality of Delivery

O – Excessive pauses

P – Excessive hesitations

Q – Excessive self-corrections

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