6 means to get 65+ in PTE Academic

65+ in PTE which is equal to Each Band 7 in IELTS, this score is desired and dreamed one by thousands of international students in Australia. The reason behind it is to prove proficient English so student or aspirant immigrant can get 10 migration points for their skilled migration into Australia. Besides, one has to score each band 7 in IELTS or 65+ in PTE Academic or equivalent for nursing registration. Hence, obtain at least each band 7 in English test became a crucial achievement of the time.

Now, 65+ in PTE Academic became a game changer for those who want to settle in Australia with permanent residency. Though there are hundreds of Facebook Page posts showing hundreds of PTE success stories with the score of 79+ with 90 out of 90 in some bands majority still struggling to achieve 10 migration points in skilled migration program. It’s not easy to score 65+ in each band reading, writing, listening and speaking in a balanced manner, but remember PTE Academic is not a rocket science. To achieve the desired score one need to have a proper mentoring and to put a serious effort on it. There are numerous coaching institutes offering mentoring and helping people to achieve scores whatever their English level is.
Based on actual experience here we discussing 7 ways to steam PTE Academic score up to the optimum level to get target migration points. 

1. Study and practice with friends

‘Practice makes man perfect’; we know its inherited message. Just practice with a friend to solve PTE model questions and share ideas. To get a better score in PTE Academic, first, use the language in your daily life it enriches your vocabulary as well as enables you to make a perfect situational expression. That not only develops your confidence level but also helps to deal questions such as Describe Image, Read Aloud, Retell Lecture and so on.
Practice speaking online using this dictation tool (click here) and check how correctly computer types your speech.

6 means to get 65+ in PTE Academic - NepaliPage

2. Go beyond the PTE Test boosters

Majority of PTE Test Takers prepare with test boosters, material by PTE preparation centers and YouTube videos. Sometimes they become useful and helps the student to understand and develop a strategy for the actual test but not always. Practice materials circulated by preparation center help to understand the format but doesn’t enable you to solve real exam questions so take them for acclimatization. Do not fully focus on such materials and try to memorize them, but read real English, the literature as well as contemporary non-fiction books.

To develop reading and comprehension skill use this magazine (click here) and read one article loudly at least one article a day. This will boost speaking as well as reading marks.

3. Follow Blogs

There are a lot of blogs and discussion forums to learn PTE Academic test presenting tricks and tools to prepare for tests and increase the probability to get a higher score (be careful tricks may not always work).
Get such materials from here (Click Here).

Your Quick Guide Book Before Moving To Australia For Studies - NepaliPage

4. Watch TV programs

Watching English Soap opera, reality show and news enrich language (helpful for listening) skill as well as pronunciation. This helps for not only score higher band but also increases your listening and conception, useful for Repeat Sentence, Retell Lecture, Summarise Listening Text and others.

5. Newspapers & News portals

Newspaper & media are the ones who use divergent words and structure of language in their presentation. Reading daily news and features makes you familiar with colocations and grammatical structure. This helps you to get a better score in the Reading section also increase your listening marks. Do not read the newspaper for the sake of reading; keep eyes on how they use the vocabularies, language styles, and expressions. And while reading read loud.
News.com.au should be one best option for this.

6 means to get 65+ in PTE Academic - NepaliPage
6. Mock Test

You can measure yourself by arranging single or series of mock tests before sitting on final test for PTE Academic. The mock test gives you confidence as well as time management skills. Pearson itself offers online mock test via ptepractice.com, you need to pay for it (you can get some unscored free material while you register) go for gold package. For unscored test question visit ptestudy.com

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