14,594 Nepalese got Australian Student Visa in Six Months

Among hundreds of thousand aspirant youngsters, 14,594 Nepalese youth students got Australian student visa to study in Australia. A recent Australian immigration data released by Australian Department of Home Affairs shown those number of student visas granted to Nepalese youngsters in six months of the current financial year. In comparison to the first six months of the last financial year, 9,871 Nepalese students were granted Australian student visa for study in Australia. This is a remarkable increase of 47.85%.

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Australia stays as the most desired study destination for Nepalese students. For Australia, Nepal stands a third major source country for international students. The number 14,594 includes both primary and secondary visa applicants, which means combine of students and their dependent family members. Among the total number of Australian student visa grantee Nepalese youngsters, 4,792 were female and 6,097 were male, the proportion shows Nepalese girls’ strong access to the international education.

Those grantee Nepalese of Australian student visa 14,594 were aggregate of onshore as well as offshore applicants. The data shows China and India as major countries from where international students come to study in Australia. Nepal not only rising as a third big market for Australian education export but also remains on a higher assessment level than it’s South Asian neighbors.

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