Work rules for International Students in Australia

Apart from study, in Australia international students get engaged with career making. As an international student, they are permitted to work in Australia at least 40 hours in a fortnight. There is no restriction during study holidays. It’s one of the features that make the country lucrative for international students for their overseas study option. Australian business gets talents from around the globe as well as cheaper workforce as another side of the coin.
International students as part of their Australian workplace involvement choose their job in a diverse manner. Some choose a professional workplace that suits their academic achievements and post-study career development. In contrary, many choose to join in such jobs which offer them a decent pay so they pay-off student loan and make better savings for the post-PR period.
Australian student visa system, as well as universities and educational providers, look generous toward international student letting them work and earn while they study. But, international Students need to be clear that Australian Student Visa is not an Australian Work Visa, they are here in Australia for study and, students must comply their Australian Student Visa condition during their stay in Australia.

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Australian Student Visa for international students has laid couples of restriction on student’s interest in Australian job market. So every international student in Australia and aspirant student in overseas must know Australia student visa restrictions for work involvement while the study in Australia. Student Visa holders should comply them during their study period otherwise; they might get their visa canceled. It’s very important to be aware of the visa conditions and follow strictly while study in Australia as an International Students.

Work Limitations for International Students

Australian Student Visa condition 8105 outlines how many hours an international student can work in a fortnight. As per this condition student visa holder can only engage him/herself up to 40 hours in a fortnight during study. While they got university off can the work restriction will not apply. But, importantly, student and family should not start any job before student’s course commences. In Australia, a fortnight is calculated as 14 days commencing on a Monday.

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Work rules for International Students in Australia - NepaliPage
No separate work permit

Many international students think they need another document such as ‘work permit’ to get started with job here in Australia. But, the work limitation and conditions doesn’t work like that. Australian Visas and their conditions clearly define the working rights so, there is no need to apply and get a work permit to commence job in Australia. Yes, before April 26, 2008, there was a provision that international students separately required to apply for work permission but student granted their Australian student visa.

Permission to work during study is a good chance to get exposed with Australian work culture for international students. But, exploitation of such opportunity might lead to your student visa cancelation, students should be cautious on it and complying the conditions is only a smart way.

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