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Australia refused 25000 permanent residency applications

Australia refused 25000 permanent residency applications - NepaliPage

Australia refused more than 25000 applications for permanent residency visas last year. A document obtained through freedom of information request revealed there were 25,751 permanent residency visa applications were declined to grant visas in the program year 2018-2019. The number of refusals was total of all type of permanent residency …

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Work rules for International Students in Australia

Apart from study, in Australia international students get engaged with career making. As an international student, they are permitted to work in Australia at least 40 hours in a fortnight. There is no restriction during study holidays. It’s one of the features that make the country lucrative for international students …

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All you need to know about buying a car in Australia

Buying a car is a big investment for anyone and hence requires way more attention to details than your everyday activities. For international students who come to Australia, this is even a more important affair as any problems can lead to disturbance in studies as well. While making the purchase, …

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Arriving In Australia? Are You Insured?

If you are coming to Australia whether as an international student or migrant make sure your insurance is fully covered. You might be surprised to know that it is not so much of a luxury as it is a requirement here. Talking about the requirements, Visa conditions have a special …

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Living safely in Australia

Living safely in Australia - NepaliPage

Crime does happen everywhere, to make your living safe in Australia, you need to take some precautions. Risks are everywhere. Whether you are living in your own country or a foreign one developed like Australia, there are dangers involved everywhere. When it comes to migrating to a new country, the …

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Australian Etiquette: a few dos and don’ts you should keep in mind

Australian Etiquette: a few dos and don'ts you should keep in mind - NepaliPage

Knowing Australian Etiquette helps you to develop relationships among Aussie people, while in Australia. Every country has its own kind of culture, language and customs. Those cultures differentiate native people and foreign ones. Immigrants are differently treated, differently looked at and experience different outlooks. Foreign nationals feel like outsiders in …

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