Living safely in Australia

Risks are everywhere. Whether you are living in your own country or a foreign one developed like Australia, there are dangers involved everywhere. When it comes to migrating to a new country, the safety issue becomes more significant because you don’t have your dear and near ones by your side round the clock. To protect yourself from any such untoward incident, you should be prepared beforehand. Do the necessary research about the place you are living in and carry out every measure that can ensure your safety. Living safely in Australia - NepaliPage

Keep in mind following tips:

-Don’t undermine the developed country like Australia would be free from crimes. Like your own country, it also has its own kind of criminal problems. You may be a victim of assaults and robbery particularly in Melbourne if you don’t be serious about your safety.

-As far as possible, don’t travel late at night. Walking late at night in substations means putting yourself at risk. If needed take the route of more populated areas.

-Inform one of your friends where you are going and by what time you will be back.

– Follow the Aussie beach culture, swim only between two flags. Take precaution before jumping in a river, beach, lake, swimming pool etc for swimming.

-Keep your important documents and money in a safe place.

-Have photocopies of your important documents in a safe place.

-Make sure you have scanned copy of your important documents in your email.

-Don’t keep a large amount of cash at homes or carry them with you.

-Have a habit of carrying some kind of documents that proves your identity and the details of those you need to contact in time of emergency.

-When you are in trouble, dial 000 to get Police help.

-Be in constant touch with the officer in charge of students’ welfare of the High Commission or the Consulate close to you. They will be helpful for you while sorting out trouble.

-Never hesitate to file a police complaint if anything wrong happens to you.

Writer : Nepali Page is a striving idea to bring useful information to international students as well as newcomers recently immigrated into Australia. While writing and preparing our contents and stories we are focused to Nepalese in Australia, but our contents and stories are equally advantageous to those interested to study, live and migrate into Australia, no matter you are from India, China or other parts of the world.

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