Australia refused 25000 permanent residency applications

Australia refused more than 25000 applications for permanent residency visas last year. A document obtained through freedom of information request revealed there were 25,751 permanent residency visa applications were declined to grant visas in the program year 2018-2019. The number of refusals was total of all type of permanent residency visa applications excludes humanitarian one.

During the program year, 267,363 applications were lodged for Australian permanent residency through various visa options. The data released by the Department of Home Affairs confirms 227,420 permanent residency visa was granted throughout the program year.

During the same time, a total of 100,222 applications were lodged under the humanitarian program, and only 18,762 got the visa grant notice from the department. Department refused 79,760 applications submitted under the humanitarian program.

Australia refused 25000 permanent residency applications - NepaliPage
Figures: Department of Home Affairs

What is an Australian permanent residency visa?

Australian permanent visa makes your status in Australia as a permanent resident though not a citizen; you can live and work in Australia indefinitely. There would be no work and study limitations as other temporary visa holders have to follow.

As a permanent resident, you can enjoy many of the rights and privileges as Australian citizens, which includes access to free or subsidized legal and health services Medicare. You can buy a house in Australia, and if you fulfill the requirements, you can nominate your family members for Australian permanent residency. But, permanent residency visa holders would not have the right to vote in elations and not entitled to an Australian passport. Most of the permanent visa holders are eligible to become citizens after a waiting period.

Various visas give you the opportunity to live and work in Australia permanently (click here to know more about Australian permanent residency visa options).

Benefits of Australian permanent residency visa

If you hold an Australian permanent-residency visa, you will get some benefits to build your life and career in Australia.

1. There are few or no limitations on employment in Australia for permanent residents. To involve in some specific jobs or federal or state government jobs as well as large companies require citizenship or permanent residency visas.
2. You can apply for Australian citizenship after fulfilling criteria; consequently, get an Australian passport that would open the door to travel hassle-free around the world.
3. You do not pay higher fees to go to Australian universities as international students. That would help you to develop your career.
4. You can nominate family members meeting specific criteria for an Australian permanent visa.
5. Children born in Australia will be Australian citizens by birth.
6. Access to Medicare.
7. Access to Social security after completing the waiting period.
8. Right to travel, work and live in New Zeeland as New Zeeland government grants those permits to Australian permanent residents.

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