All you need to know about buying a car in Australia

Buying a car is a big investment for anyone and hence requires way more attention to details than your everyday activities. For international students who come to Australia, this is even a more important affair as any problems can lead to disturbance in studies as well. While making the purchase, it is important to consider all your options and then make an informed decisions. There are many sites that help you in this. One of the common ways that people take to explore their options is an app called “My Next Car App”. You can download it from App store or from Google Play.

My Next Car App gives you the following features and services:

  • You can save details of the cars that you are interested in.
  • You can also record the reviews of various cars as well as the problems faced.
  • This provides you with comparison screen to compare cars for their features etc…
  • You can also compare the loan options that you have on various cars
  • There is also a repository of tips and advice available for reference.

All you need to know about buying a car in Australia - NepaliPage

Before deciding upon a car and making any purchase, there are a number of steps that you must follow. These are:

  • Consult with your family and friends about which cars are good in addition to research from your side.
  • Inspection of the car should be done very well before making a purchase. You should also check the history of the car in terms of if it has ever been in an accident or so.
  • You can also opt to get the car checked by a mechanic to have a more expert advice. This might come with some extra charges.
  • Always take the test drive.
  • It is important to check the ownership of the car as well as it is debt free. To do this research, you can check Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) by paying a small amount of fees. There are some details that you would need for this. These include: VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) or chassis number and also the manufacturer’s number. To do a PPSR check, you can visit this site or call on this number: 1300 007 777.
  • Post the car purchase, you need to get it registered under your name by visiting the local Service NSW Office. This has to be done within 14 days of purchase. The documents that will be required here are as follow:
    • Notice of disposal by previous owner
    • Current certificate of registration
    • Proof of transaction
    • Proof of identity
    • MyServiceNSW account connected to Roads and Maritime Services.

You will charge a fee for stamp duty and transfer here.

  • You need to get your car registered so as to drive it.
  • In the case of any discrepancies related to car registration, you may contact Roads and Maritime Services on 13 22 13. They shall provide you with an Unregistered Vehicle Permit for a period of 28 days.All you need to know about buying a car in Australia - NepaliPage

Car Insurance

There are broadly two car insurance available: Third party insurance and comprehensive insurance.

The third party insurance covers all the damages that are caused due to someone else’s mistakes. While the latter, as the name suggests covers all the losses like accidents, damages, and thefts.

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