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Career in Automotive in Australia

With growing, vehicle and transport need more people willing to develop their career in Automotive. There are opportunities as well as room for career growth. Working inside the car business is quick-paced and an energizing vocation decision, with more than 17 million autos and cruisers enrolled in Australia that all …

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Dispute Resolution With Vehicle Rental Company

When you rent a vehicle not only the rental company is responsible towards you for providing the vehicle in the right and usable condition but also you too have many duties. The basic one is to use the provided asset with all precautions and not cause any harm to it …

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All you need to know about buying a car in Australia

Buying a car is a big investment for anyone and hence requires way more attention to details than your everyday activities. For international students who come to Australia, this is even a more important affair as any problems can lead to disturbance in studies as well. While making the purchase, …

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