Australia Makes Changes to Skilled Visas

Changes that were made to skilled visas last year by the Federal Government are all set to be implemented starting from next month. If speculations are to be believed then according to industry experts these changes will make it more difficult for the prospective via applicants to meet the new set of requirements.

The old employer-sponsored 457 visa will now be replaced by two new Temporary Skill Shortage visas. These Temporary Skill Shortage visas will be available in two streams- short term and medium term.

Short Term Visa

This visa will be issued for a period of 2 years. This visa, however, will not provide the pathway to permanent residency in Australia.

Medium Term Visa

The medium-term visa will be issued for a period of up to 4 years. The requirements for obtaining the visa an include two-year work experience, market salary rate assessment. In addition to this, the applicant must also have a good level of English language knowledge.

Another change that is being brought in by RSMS (Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme) and ENS (Employer Nomination Scheme) will make it more difficult to find a job in Australia. With the changed rule coming into place, the potential visa holder will have to furnish experience of 3 years that should be relevant to the job opportunity he or she is seeking in Australia. These changes are all set to be implemented in March.

These new tightened requirements will eliminate many applicants who were originally seeking 457 visas. The steps are taken to eliminate frauds and dupes in the Visa process. This will also help in intake of quality migrants that will lead to growth and development.

A new training levy will also be imposed on Sponsored skilled visas of the value of up to $5000. The legislation with regards to this is still before parliament but is hopefully going to be put in effect from coming March.


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