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Nepali Community in Australia has grown exponentially in last few years and continues to grow. With increasing number of Nepalese international students as well as new migrants, the community is getting dynamism. There is a colossal upsurge in Nepali Events in Australia to bring community members together and develop a network to foster healthy relations among the migrant population throughout the year.

Active Nepalese organizations organize various Nepali events in Australia based on their mission and vision to unite. The celebration of Nepalese festivals, fundraising, Gala Dinner, Nepalese Movie Show and Community Interaction are some of the frequent ones. These events are quite popular among the Nepalese population in Australia to rejoice during their time off and weekends. Nepali Events in Australia - NepaliPage

Nepali Events in Australia not only gives the opportunity to celebrate Nepali festivals in a Nepali way but helps to socialize and meet like-minded people. Such programmes help newcomers and international students to get the way Aussie Nepalese of living and interaction with Nepalese population in Australia. Such Nepali events in Australia not only helps Nepalese diaspora here but also promotes Nepalese culture, food, and business.

As part of community media, Nepali Page‘s Nepalese Events (Nepali Events) Calendar includes and provides all social activities and events information regarding Nepalese Events in Australia such as organizers, attractions, venues with a timetable to help you get organized with plan and arrangements.

Some of the popular Nepalese Events in Australia

  1. Nepal Festival: Non Resident Nepali Association (NRN) Australia organises this event, they have state level celebration too.
  2. International Nepali Day: This event is organised to mark birth anniversary of the Great Nepalese King Prithivi Narayan Shah who started the unification of Nepal.
  3. MoMo Fest: Nepali Dumpling MOMO festival

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