International students and skilled workers permitted to enter Australia from Dec 15,2021

Finally, Australia opened its borders for international students and skilled workers after the hard-hit COVID-19 spread.

Australian Priminister Scott Morrison announced the return of international students and skilled workers on 15 December 2021. As a result, health authorities have continued to evaluate the timing of booster shots.

Earlier, the federal government announced that emergency powers would remain until February 2022. It will require international travellers to wear masks and restrict travel from certain high-risk countries.

Despite the impact of the Omicron variant of Covid-19 being at the top of the agenda of the end of the year cabinet meeting, Morrison said his government was inclined to open immigration for international students and skilled workers on 15 December.

At first, it was supposed to occur at the beginning of December, but authorities collected more information about Omicron before it could happen.

Government officials are awaiting advice to determine whether to open the borders by that date, Morrison said on Friday. Morrison said the federal government would not go backward. Despite Morrison’s upbeat message, some measures will require continued implementation. Prof Paul Kelly, the country’s chief medical officer, said that Australia has not fully understood the Omicron variant.


International students and skilled worker permitted to enter Australia from Dec 15,2021 - NepaliPage
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As part of the Biosecurity Act, Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt has extended the emergency period until 17 February.

They were established in March 2020 and have been renewed several times, so they will remain in place as long as health advice indicates it is necessary.

As Hunter noted in his note, the extension would enable the federal government to “continue the important measures already in place while opening Australia and implementing decisive measures in response to the rising threat of the Omicron variant”.

In addition to mandatory pre-departure testing, the government insists that masks be worn on international flights, restrict travel to high-risk countries for not vaccinated Australians, and restrict outbound international travel for unvaccinated Australians.

In addition to mandatory pre-departure testing, the government insists that masks be worn on international flights, restrict travel to high-risk countries for not vaccinated Australians, and restrict outbound international travel for unvaccinated Australians.

Depending on the availability of more information about Omicron, the federal government may revise any of these regulations as early as February “to reflect the most recent medical advice.”.

As a result of the extension, cruise ships will also be restricted from entering Australia. Despite this, Hunt stated that the government would “continually monitor, every month, whether current cruise ship restrictions can be lifted or amended”.

Australia’s national vaccination coordinator, Lt Gen John Frewen, presented an update on the delivery of vaccine boosters.

From 10 January, children aged five to 11 will get the Pfizer Covid vaccine.

According to Alicia Payne, Labor MP, “I believe that many parents will appreciate this approval.”. Having to wait for vaccinations for children has been very frustrating for many parents.”

In a statement, Morrison said Fewer briefed leaders “about their plans to reduce the disparity between indigenous and non-indigenous vaccination rates, and about preparing to administer Covid-19 vaccines to children aged 5 to 11 years.”

Covid-19 outbreak management plans for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities gets updated following Omicron outbreaks in the Northern Territory.

In the meeting held on Friday, “significant progress has been made towards reopening Australia,” with Western Australia expected to reach 80% coverage of the over-16 double-dose vaccination program within days, meaning that the entire country can now enter phase C.

Morrison told 2GB radio that state premiers are unlikely to close their domestic borders again after reacting to the Omicron variant.

Annastacia Palaszczuk, the premier of Queensland, received praise for the imminent reopening of the state’s border. Steven Marshall, the premier of South Australia, was praised for not closing the state border.

Morrison encouraged all Australians to get their booster shots after receiving a second Covid-19 dose several months ago. “This will become more critical as the new year approaches”, Morrison said.

Queensland Department of Health reports that four new local cases of Covid-19 were reported and two interstate cases on Friday. Gold Coast residents should get immunizations and wear masks, but Yvette D’Ath said a lockdown was unlikely.

After arriving in Victoria on 30 November, travelers bound for Dubai were confirmed to have the Omicron variant.


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