PR via regional migration pathways for NSW graduates

I’m moving Tasmania.


I think Canberra is the best.


Darwin has easy PR pathways, so I’m moving there.


My education agent has the best deal for Tassie College, just SIX thousand for a diploma.

These are common statements these days. Not only Nepalese international students moving, a huge number of NSW graduates moving into another state for easier PR pathways. Because of cutthroat competition for Australian Permanent Residency visa 189 and stricter nomination criteria for 190 in NSW many graduates don’t see permanent residency chances in NSW. But, there are couples of other avenues for permanent migration in NSW which many may not be considering while planning or consulting with their migration agent. And, if we take Nepalese student’s case, they consult with a migration agent who runs education consultancy and offers a consultation free of cost.

If you are so concerned about your permanent migration plan and eying for future in New South Wales, there are various regional areas you can settle. If you are looking to settle in regional New South Wales? There are nine options available for you, those nine different NSW regions nominating candidates for a regional provisional visa as a pathway to permanent residency in NSW. But, you need to fulfill the requirements set by those nine regions which are not that hard to comply.


Regional side of General Skilled Migration

Regional Provisional Visa or regional sponsorship has become a dominant migration pathway after changes in Australian permanent migration scheme. To get a permanent residency in Australia a candidate must live and work in a designated regional area for a finite time frame before getting a permanent residency visa. For NSW, the regional certifying bodies access candidate and their suitability for the region and offer nomination for a subclass-489 visa. RCB nomination carries another 10 points for this point based visa, so if you have own 55 points on SkillSelect you would be eligible to apply for this visa. If you nominated and granted a visa you must live and work in the region for at least two years and would be eligible to apply for permanent residency.

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PR via regional migration pathways for NSW graduates - NepaliPage

Nine NSW regions

For this year’s migration program there are nine New South Wales regions participating in this regional migration program. You can choose from those, where you can fulfill the criteria for your regional migration plan. These regions offer you 489 visa nomination and you would be invited to apply for the visa.  that could lead to permanent residency in Australia after fulfillment of conditions in two years.

Regional NSW has a lot to offer you to spend your life there if you are looking for an option to move and settle in the regional area. You can find the eligibility criteria and the application process for each region through their website. Every year a huge number of applications flooded for regional NSW nomination.

PR via regional migration pathways for NSW graduates - NepaliPage

Key Eligibility Criteria

If you looking for the 489 visa to move into the regional side of Australia, you need to comply following eligibility criteria:

  • Need to meet the minimum pass marks 65 points criteria as per the Department of Home Affairs for the 489 visa.
  • Must have in the regional skilled occupation list.
  • Get 489 nominations from the participating RDA fulfilling local requirements set by a particular region.
  • Must agree to work and live in the region for at least 2 years.

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How to apply for NSW regional migration

As part of the Skilled Migration program, you have to follow the same application process for 489 regional provisional visa as you follow for 189/190. The only difference is you need to apply for a nomination to that regional certifying body following their criteria and timings.

  1. First, you have to submit your expression of interest through SkillSelect, always ensure before applying that you meet the 489 visa criteria.
  2. Then, you need to apply to the relevant NSW RDA for your nomination and then wait for the results.
  3. If you got nominated by the NSW region, then you will get an invitation from the Home Affairs Department to apply for 489 Visa.
  4. Once your visa granted, you need to inform the RDA and move to your nominated region to spend your time there as per your commitment to living and working in the region.
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