Noteworthy idea for Australian regional skilled visa seekers

Regional Australia, in the last couple of years not only the Australian government but also international students and temporary visa holders have shifted their priority on it. The introduction of Australian regional skilled visas to boost regional development changed the Australian migration paradigm. Now international students carefully choosing study location in regional Australia so they could be eligible for a state nominated permanent visa 190 if not, regional skilled visa subclass 491 at least.

Recent changes in Australian migration created anxiety and confusion for international students and other temporary visa holders. Now many international students graduated from major cities as Sydney and Melbourne moving into regional Australian suburbs. Rumors and lack of proper information lead them to jeopardize their future as well as money. 

If you are considering moving into regional Australian cities and suburbs to make yourself eligible for a regional skilled visa following advice would be helpful to navigate your regional settlement.

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Noteworthy advice for Australian regional skilled visa seekers - NepaliPage

Do your own research

Before making any move into a regional area make your own research. Moving into regional towns from big cities comes with big challenges. Do not make a decision on a friend’s advice or the education agent’s recommendation. Social composition, economic activities, availability of jobs as well as children’s schooling are some of the areas you need to study in a particular region before you move into. 

Do not sign any PR agreement with an agent

Australia’s regional migration is still novice; no one has experienced how government moves it forward. There may be some changes to make it a bit easier than what is, due to the current scenario and global competition for international education and migration. Many education and migration agents in cities like Sydney and Melbourne are offering ‘PR Process Package’ of around 4,000 dollars. It binds you with a particular agent and you can not make your decision later whatever other options come up. So it should be a big NO-NO. Noteworthy advice for Australian regional skilled visa seekers-nepali-page

Migration Agent’s background check

Before you hire or get advice from one first check whether s/he has any disciplinary action by OMARA. Do not fall behind catchy social media posts and advertisements check the OMARA website whether the one you believe, was sanctioned anytime. Since 1 July 2020 Office of the Migration Agent Registration Authority (OMARA) has sanctioned 6 migration agents for ill practice.

It’s easy to navigate regional migration

Australian regional migration is not that complex to understand requirements and eligibility. The Australian government has explained it in simple terms and offers a lot of references free online. While considering moving into regional towns for regional skilled visa eligibility keep track of your local RDA. Regional development authorities would be your primary office to get information and submit applications for regional skilled visas. Click here and find your region comes under which RDA and frequently keep eye on its updates. RDA websites offer information on development initiatives as well as future prediction of the region.

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Disclaimer: This piece of the idea should not be considered as official migration advice. We recommend you consult a MARA agent on your particular situation.

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