Canberra Matrix: another 528 invited for 190 nominations

Canberra, the Australian capital, seems more generous to its temporary migrants and international students who would like to make it home forever. On its fresh invitation round dated 24 October 2019, the state invited 528 candidates for state nomination through Canberra Matrix. Canberra examines tie with the state via different aspects of connection awarding points for candidates, which would reflect on the matrix. And, candidate scoring higher matrix points on Canberra Matrix get invited to apply for state nomination for Australian permanent residency. Consequently, a candidate would grant a 190 visa after the state nomination.

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Canberra Matrix: another 528 invited for 190 nominations - NepaliPage

Invitation round took place on 24 October 2019 invited those number of candidates through the matrix range 115 to 65 points. All matrix submitted on this range were invited to apply for state nomination, which would lead to Australian permanent residency later. Those submitted their Canberra Matrix after 24 April, and on or before 10 June 2019 also got an invitation for state nomination.

Earlier invitation rounds in this month already invited 622 candidates for state nomination. On 14 October, Canberra Matrix invited 402 candidates previously month’s first Canberra Matrix round on 9 October sent 220 invitations. Altogether Canberra invited 1150 candidates for state nomination who would get Australian permanent residency once they satisfy the immigration department.

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