Canberra Matrix: invitation for 190 nominations in full swing

As the date for new regional visa commencement approaching near regional certifying bodies and state migration departments are inviting eligible candidates in full swing. It’s good news for many international students who graduated in Australia who don’t need to go for a student visa again to maintain lawful residency in Australia. If you scroll down your social media timelines, posts from different migration agencies show nomination and visa grant notifications are on its full swing.

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Canberra Matrix: invitation for 190 nominations in full swing - NepaliPage

The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Canberra seems now busy to select candidates, it’s nomination invitation results indicates. Canberra is the Australian capital city, where many international students moved into to get a nomination for permanent residency visa subclass 190.

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Canberra already invited 622 candidates to apply for the state nomination for a subclass-190 visa, which is a permanent residency visa. The recent invitation round for state nomination ran on 14 October invited 402 candidates to apply for state nomination. Earlier on 9 October 2019, the Canberra government invited 220 candidates through Canberra Matrix for 190 visa nomination.

Canberra Matrix points down to 60

The Matrix points for the invitation went down to 60 points in October. Whoever applied with 60 Matrix points till 30 April got invited for state nomination the government states. All candidates submitted Canberra-Matrix between 65 and 115 were invited on the latest October round.

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