Canberra Matrix 2019 for overseas applicants

Are you planning to migrate to Australia and would like to make Canberra home? If yes probably you have researched on state nomination for plan B, obviously you are among those who eye 189 for the first. If you are eyeing Canberra to settle and get a nomination you need to go through the Canberra Matrix. The ACT government has updated the Canberra Matrix 2019 with some flexibility that could help you to make Canberra home. For overseas applicants who are willing to settle in Canberra can apply for state nomination which will help them to secure an invitation to apply for Australian Permanent Residency. But, to get a nomination from ACT government one should prove their genuine commitment, employability, and suitability for the state. To examine such aspects of the state’s migration need Canberra calculates point-based matrix using Canberra Matrix 2019, the updated version for the program year 2019-2020.

For overseas applicants for Canberra nomination for visa subclass-190, the state looks whether the applicant familiar with Canberra ever visited there as well as nominated occupation under ‘open’ or ‘closed’ list, partner skills, English proficiency, a job offer from ACT employer and so on. You can calculate first based on following Canberra Matrix 2019 and get an idea whether you are suitable or have a chance to get a nomination or not.  Canberra Matrix 2019 for overseas applicants - NepaliPage

Canberra Matrix 2019 for Overseas Applicants




Previous ACT residence or time spent in the ACT in the last five years?


How long did you previously live in Canberra?; or


Have you visited Canberra and stayed for at least seven nights?



More than four years. 20
Two to four years. 15
One to two years. 10
Visited Canberra. 5
Not applicable. 0
Nominated occupation

Is your nominated occupation ‘open’ or ‘closed’ on the current ACT Occupation List?

‘Open’ on the ACT Occupation List. 20
‘Closed’ on the ACT Occupation List. 0

English proficiency


What is your English proficiency level as defined by Home Affairs?


You must a valid English test result.


Superior. 15
Proficient. 10
Competent. 0

Spouse/partner English proficiency


What is their English proficiency level as defined by Home Affairs?


They must have a valid English test result. If claiming competent English, they can also hold a valid passport.


Superior/proficient. 5
Competent. 0
Not Applicable. 0

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ACT job offer

If your nominated occupation is ‘open’ on the current ACT Occupation List, do you have a genuine ACT job offer in your nominated occupation?

·     The employer must be actively operating in the ACT for at least two years; and

·     Have a genuine need to employ an overseas skilled worker as the position cannot be filled from the local labour market.


Genuine ACT job offer in the nominated ‘open‘ occupation.



Not applicable. 0

Relevant Work experience


How long have you worked in your nominated occupation?


The Home Affairs SkillSelect EOI must record the relevant work experience claimed.



Five years employment in the last eight years. 10
Three years employment in the last five years. 5
One to three years employment. 0
Spouse/partner employability

Your spouse/partner must:

· Be currently employed (and have worked for at least six months in the last 12 months); and

· Have a valid English test result at a minimum level of ‘competent’ English; or hold a valid passport.


1.   They are working in an occupation that is ‘open’ on the ACT Occupation List and they hold a tertiary qualification that is relevant to their current occupation; or

2.   They are working, and they have a valid skill assessment which is relevant to their current occupation; or

3.   They are working in any occupation and they have a qualification (requiring at least 3 years full time continuous study) from an Australian or overseas institution. Their qualification does not have to be relevant to their current occupation.


1.       Working in an ‘Open’ occupation.



2.       Skill assessment relevant to current occupation. 10
3.       Tertiary qualification in any occupation. 5
       Not applicable. 0


tertiary qualification

What qualification do you hold from an Australian or international educational institution?

Your selected qualification must also be claimed on your Home Affairs SkillSelect EOI

Doctoral degree. 20
Master’s degree. 15

Bachelor degree or trade certificate.
Diploma qualification/s – at least two years full-time study. 5
Not applicable. 0
study at an ACT Tertiary Institution

For how many years did you study a CRICOS* registered course at an ACT institution in the last five years?

·     You must have a letter of course completion from the ACT institution to evidence the period of study.

·     Distance education or online attendance at a course is not accepted.

·     A Professional Year undertaken in the ACT meets the one year study criteria.

·     Two or more courses may be counted to evidence the period of ACT study as long as the courses are not concurrent. The courses do not have to be continuous.

An academic year is at least a total of 46 weeks.

CRICOS* – Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students.

Four academic years or more of study. 20

Three academic years of study.




Two academic years of study.




One academic year of study.




Not applicable.



Close family ties

Do you have a close family member who has lived in Canberra for the last two years?

A close family member is defined as a spouse/ partner, parent, child, brother, sister or grandparent of the main applicant or their spouse/partner.

Australian citizen/permanent resident spouse/partner, child, parent, grandparent, brother or sister. 20


Temporary resident. 5
Not applicable. 0



Assets in Canberra

Have you made a personal cash investment in Canberra to purchase a residential or commercial property (purchase of land only does not meet this criteria)?

·     While the asset can be in joint names, you must provide evidence of your personal cash investment and majority ownership; and

·     You must have a Certificate of Title or a rates notice,

Have you owned and operated a business in Canberra for the last two years?

Minimum $250,000 cash investment in ACT residential or commercial property. 5
$200,000 investment to purchase / establish a business, majority ownership and minimum $100,000 annual turnover. 5


Not applicable. 0


While submitting EOI for nomination you can select only one option in the drop-down menu for each category and if invited to apply for ACT 190 nomination, you must provide evidence to support Matrix score claimed and must be true at the date of Matrix submission.

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